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Sex Stories You Can Customize

All sex stories on this site can be customized, so you can make them about anyone you like. You choose the name and other attributes of the characters, and your choices are then incorporated into your own personalized story. It's a bit like Mad Libs, but the results aren't stupid. We also have interactive stories where you guide the plot.

Confronted by Hyperdreams  MP
You have a rare moment alone with your dream girl, but your sneaky ogling gets you into trouble.

A Bit Slutty by Hyperdreams 
You're informed that your fantasy girl is actually a bit of a slut. Your favorite celebrity gets mentioned too.

Taking Liberties by Hyperdreams  MP FP
You can be the man or the woman in this story about a quickie in the kitchen.

A Fantasy Exposed by Hyperdreams  MP
Your wife/girlfriend knows about your secret crush and teases you to orgasm.

Birth of the Tentacle Fiend by Hyperdreams  3P
Infected by the sting of a Japanese mosquito, a woman grows a penis and feels compelled to use it on her friend/sister/daughter. After that, things start to get a little weird.

Celebrity Encounter by Ella  FP
A male celebrity hops into your taxi, then into your panties.

Dressing Room Show by Scarlett  MP
A narcissistic girl likes to pleasure herself in store dressing rooms. Little does she know that you're watching via a hidden camera.

The Bouncing Game by Scarlett  MP
She's wearing a school uniform skirt, she's sucking a lollipop and she wants you to bounce her on your knee.

Candle Holder by Scarlett  MP FP 3P
A naked, bound woman becomes a receptacle for lit candles. You can choose to be the man or the woman, or to read in third-person.

Tied Surprise by Hyperdreams  MP
The girl of your dreams is tied to the bed and apparently yours to do with as you wish.

Laboratory Lovers by Ella  MP FP
You and your friend/boss/whatever take it to the next level as part of a scientific research study. You can be male or female.

The Date by Red  MP
You and your girlfriend take your relationship to the next level over the hood of your car.

Movie Teaser by Ella  FP
You go down on a friend's significant other in a movie theater.

Running Late by John  MP
She's getting ready to go out for the evening but is happy to indulge you, on the condition that you don't mess her up.

Coming Clean by Ella  FP
An escort friend persuades you to take care of one of her regular clients. Someone you know has a bathing fetish!

Birthday Party by Hyperdreams  MP
Just when you think no-one will turn up to your prostitute-themed, girls-only birthday party, two hot girls inexplicably arrive and save the day.

Gang Banged by Scarlett  3P
A woman arranges a rough gang-bang for herself. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Boyfriend Thief by Ella  FP
You shamelessly steal another woman's rich, handsome boyfriend.

Interrogation by Ella  FP
Your sexy interrogation skills extract more than just secrets from your male suspect.

Sperm Donor by Ella  MP
Desperate to procreate, two hot women enlist your services as a sperm donor.

The Stud by Scarlett  FP
One for the ladies. You get down and dirty with a stud of your choice in a sleazy hotel room.

The Pit by Scarlett  FP 3P
Lured by a primal force, a woman succumbs to the carnal pleasures of The Pit. Be her or read about her.

X-Rated by Melanie  MP
You loan her your video camera and it comes back containing footage that she definitely wouldn't want you to see!

Curse of the Tentacle Fiend by Hyperdreams  3P
This sequel to 'Birth of the Tentacle Fiend' sees our heroines dealing with a new horror.

God of Sex by ilp99  FP 3P
A guy at the club claims to be the 'God of Sex'. Our heroine discovers his reputation is well-earned. Be her or read about her.

The Swing by Scarlett  MP FP 3P
A romantic encounter featuring a strange contraption and a double-ended dildo. You choose to be the man or the woman, or just read about them.

Two Intruders by ilp99  MP
Two intruders break in and awaken the hidden anal desires of your wife/girlfriend

Peeping Tom by Scarlett  MP
You hide in the bushes and masturbate while spying on your dream girl.

Her Mother's Rules by Hyperdreams  MP
You are about to deflower your teenage girlfriend, when her mother intervenes.

Teenage Freak by Hyperdreams  MP
You help a young inexperienced girl overcome her body-image issues.

Rude Awakening by Hyperdreams  3P
Two women decide to give lesbianism a shot. One of them happens to be asleep at the time.

Santa's Sex Toy by Hyperdreams  MP
You are Santa, having your way with a girl on your naughty list.

More Than Friends by Ted  MP
You've been friends with her for years but always wanted more. What if she felt the same way?

Deep Rub by Stephanie  3P
A woman receives a very intimate massage from her new therapist. She's given a thorough going-over, inside and out.

Another Woman by Spider Kinsman  MP
Your bi-curious friend, girlfriend or wife has always fantasized about sex with another woman. One night it finally happens and, if you're lucky, you might get some action too!

The Pool Room by Spider Kinsman  MP
Your wife/girlfriend gets gang-banged by three men and a girl in a bar. You get your turn too.

Hot for Teacher by ilp99  MP
It's hard to resist your sexy student when she's as hot for you as you are for her.

Here Cums the Bride by Paya  MP
It's your sexy friend's wedding day but she's having pre-marital jitters. You provide support and reassurance (with your cock.)

Bursting Boobs by Angela  MP
While your girlfriend/wife/mother is cooking dinner, you secretly help milk a woman whose tits are about to explode.

Shared Bathroom by Martin B  MP
You walk in on her with her pants down in the bathroom.

Wrong Turn by Stephanie  3P
A man and a woman take a wrong turn and get captured by a street gang. Both of them are subjected to the depraved acts of the uncouth hoodlums!

Back Alley by Scarlett  3P
Her fantasy was to be degraded, used and abused by a stranger in a back alley.

Desk Slut by Scarlett  MP FP
A story about a writer and the woman he keeps under his desk. You can be the man or the woman.

Tested by Scarlett  3P
Of the five men who test her, she can only cum for one. Then she is his forever.

Astral Erection by Melanie  MP
You abuse the power of Astral Projection to spy on her.

Terrific Tits by Angela  MP
You finally get your hands on the massive tits of a girl in your class. Heaven awaits in a broom closet.

Plucking the Rose by Scarlett  MP
A ritual with roses. Blood and other bodily fluids. Pain, release, and a need fulfilled.

Home Delivered by Scarlett  MP
You and your wife/girlfriend/mistress hire a hooker for the night.

Webcam Tease by Scarlett  MP
A girl of your choice teases you over the webcam.

Garden Party by Scarlett  MP FP 3P
A couple have a brief and sexy encounter at a garden party. You can choose to be the man or the woman, or to read in third-person.

Pool Fun by Scarlett  MP FP
You and your partner amuse yourselves in a wading pool in your back yard. You can choose to be the man or the woman.

Cream Buns by Melanie  MP FP
Things get messy when you accidentally sit on his birthday cake.

His Bidding by Stephanie  FP 3P
At the bidding of her master, a woman finds herself tied and tormented in a medieval torture chamber. You can choose either to read about the girl, or to actually be her!

Shopping Spree by Scarlett  3P
When she's caught shoplifting, a woman convinces the Store Detective to let it slide.

The Watcher by Scarlett  MP
A girl masturbates for you, unaware of your identity.

Behind the Mirror by Scarlett  MP
You arrange a rough gang-bang for her and watch from behind a mirror.

After Class by Scarlett  MP
You are an inexperienced young man infatuated with your teacher. She comes up with a unique way to get you to focus on your studies.

Milk Her by Scarlett  MP
You milk her lactating breasts in a public park, hoping no-one catches you.

Chocolate Covered by Scarlett  3P
A blindfolded woman gets coated in chocolate sauce by her lover. But who else is in the room?

Lesbian Urge by Stephanie  3P
A woman can't control her urge to be dominated by a bull dyke in a public toilet.

Intruder by Stephanie  MP FP 3P
A girl of your choice falls victim to an intruder, who renders her helpless and pleasures her mercilessly. You can be the intruder or the girl, or just read about them.

Break It by Scarlett  MP
Jump straight into the action with a girl of your choice.

Subway Ride by Scarlett  3P
A woman gets herself off while riding the train.

School Bus by Scarlett  3P
A girl and a mysterious guy engage in fantasy roleplay in a school bus at midnight. She's naughty and needs to be punished.

Victim by Scarlett  MP FP
You can be the guy or the girl in an animalistic sex session. Much growling and biting!

Sporty Surprise by Ursula  MP
You give an athletic friend a reward for working so hard.

Mother Knows Best by Stephanie  MP
Your mother takes a bit too much interest in your sex life.

Your First Gig by Stephanie  MP
It's your first gig as an exotic dancer at a bachelorette party.

The Club by Stephanie  MP
You take a girl to an underground sex club and unlock her animalistic desires!

Toy For Two by Stephanie  3P
Two sexy lesbians try out a massive sex toy together.

The Ring by Stephanie  3P
A mother shows her daughter her clit ring, and incestuous lesbian behavior ensues.

The Stock Boy by Stephanie  MP
You are a stock boy at the mercy of your older female boss after she catches you masturbating.

Full Service by Stephanie  MP
While lingerie shopping you get seduced by the young salesgirl and an older female customer.

Guidance Counselor by Stephanie  3P
A teacher gives her student some guidance in the ways of lesbian love.

Coming Out Party by Stephanie  3P
A curious girl ventures inside a lesbian bar. Two dykes give her a memorable initiation.

Lesbian Nun Attack by Stephanie  3P
An old lesbian nun takes advantage of a sexy young student.

Dykes on a Train by Stephanie  3P
A lesbian encounter on a train.

Breast Reduction by Stephanie  3P
A woman stupidly thinks her tits are too big.

Phone Sex Mad-Lib by Hyperdreams  MP FP
A silly Mad-Lib (word blank game) in which you have phone sex with a friend of your choice.

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