Create your own erotic adventure: Interactive & customizable sex stories

Interactive Sex Stories

These are multiple-choice sex stories where you control the plot. At the end of each section you make a decision about which path to follow. In most cases you are the protagonist and the story is told using second-person perspective.

These "storygames" are similar to the old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (CYOA) books, but the subject matter here is for adults only! Your choices are used to tailor the story to fit your own personal sexual urges!

The characters can be customized, so you can put anyone into the story.

The Massage by Hyperdreams  MP
A girl you know is training to be a masseuse and needs you to practice on. How will you deal with an inconvenient erection?

Eyes Wide Slut by Hyperdreams  MP
A masquerade party provides you with the opportunity to anonymously bang a girl of your choice.

Fancy Dress by Hyperdreams  MP
You have five minutes with your dream girl at a fancy dress party, so make it count!

He's All Yours by Hyperdreams  FP
One for the ladies. The husband or boyfriend of one of your good friends is completely at your mercy.

The Premiere by Silence Welder  MP
You use black magic to seduce a famous actress at the premiere of her movie.

Sex at the Circus by Silence Welder  MP
Have an erotic encounter with a mysterious performer at the travelling circus.

Midterm Maelstrom by Elsie  FP
You are a horny girl who really should be writing her mid-term paper.

Under the Influence by Hyperdreams  MP
Under the influence of a mystery drug, can you resist interfering with the unconscious object of your affection?

Cheating Bitches by Hyperdreams  MP
Two unfaithful women have their secret exposed and are at your mercy. How will you take advantage of the situation? Hint: you could try to have sex with them...

Script Revisions by Hyperdreams  MP
Your script is being made into a major motion picture, but the female lead has some concerns with the details.

Alien Orgasm by Silence Welder  3P
The story of a man, a woman, and two deviant aliens whose mission is to study human sexuality. Who gets anal-probed? You decide!

Catfight by Hyperdreams  FP
You are forced into a sexually-charged cat-fight with another girl, in front of a crowd of horny males.

Private Dancers by Hyperdreams  MP
A trip to the strip club with your buddy gets cancelled, but two of your female friends step up to the plate.

Virgin Sacrifice by Silence Welder  MP
Choose a virgin and sacrifice her to the beast!

King by Silence Welder  FP
You are a servant, but you are a woman first. When a visiting King is entertained at your palace, you make sure that he knows that too.

Punish Her by Scarlett  MP
She has been naughty and it's your job to punish her.

Put Out My Fire by Melanie  MP
You are the Chief of the Firehouse and she is a super-hot probationary recruit.

The Photographer by Hyperdreams  3P
A photo session turns into sexual humiliation for your favorite female celebrity!