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Sneaky Handjob
Posted on Saturday January 13, 2018
She gives you a sneaky handjob while there's another woman in the room.

Dream Girl
Posted on Saturday December 30, 2017
Your dream girl is making love to you, until fantasy and reality collide.

A Man Has Needs
Posted on Saturday December 16, 2017
His wife/girlfriend isn't giving him what he needs, so he comes to you.

Spank Me?
Posted on Saturday December 02, 2017
After all that teasing, she deserves a good spanking.

The Beast Within Him
Posted on Saturday November 18, 2017
A torrid tale of lust with a lycanthrope.

Interactive Story - Relationship Rollercoaster
Posted on Saturday November 04, 2017
There are four sexy women in your life. Which one will you choose?

Mile High
Posted on Saturday October 21, 2017
A sexy female celebrity sits next to you on a plane flight and the inevitable happens.

Girls' Night In
Posted on Saturday October 07, 2017
Three friends confess their lesbian desires, then act on them.

A Big Favor
Posted on Saturday September 23, 2017
He can't satisfy his woman, so they call on you to help out!

Interactive Story - White House Heat
Posted on Saturday September 09, 2017
You are the President of the United States and your fantasy babe is the First Lady.