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She's Always Horny
Posted on Saturday December 03, 2016
Your dream girl is always horny. Would you like to know what she fantasizes about?

First Footjob
Posted on Saturday November 19, 2016
You give her a foot rub and awaken a fetish you didn't know you had.

Perfect Fit
Posted on Saturday November 05, 2016
You're in a clothing store trying on dresses for a party when you decide to try the gorgeous assistant for size too.

New Site Design
Posted on Wednesday November 02, 2016
In recognition of the fact that over half our visitors are using mobile devices we've redesigned the site to adapt to small screen sizes. Please let us know if anything is broken.

Interactive Story - Boss Taming
Posted on Saturday October 22, 2016
As the new guy in the warehouse, can you find a way to get the upper hand with your tyrannical (but sexy) female boss?

The Date
Posted on Saturday October 08, 2016
You and your girlfriend take your relationship to the next level over the hood of your car.

Interactive Story - On The Prowl
Posted on Saturday September 24, 2016
You are a hot, horny woman, out on the town and on the prowl.

Laboratory Lovers
Posted on Saturday September 10, 2016
You and your friend/boss/whatever take it to the next level as part of a scientific research study.

Movie Teaser
Posted on Saturday August 27, 2016
Your friend probably wouldn't have invited you to the movies if she knew you were going to suck off her man.

Running Late
Posted on Saturday August 13, 2016
She's getting ready to go out but she'll let you have your fun, just so long as you don't mess her up.