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Posted on Saturday June 17, 2017
She's upset at being dropped by another guy, but you help her forget all about him.

Interactive Story - Love Confession
Posted on Saturday June 03, 2017
She turns up unexpectedly and confesses her love for you. How will you respond?

Summer Beach Sirens
Posted on Saturday May 20, 2017
Sex on the beach with your girlfriend/wife gets interesting when her friend/sister discovers you.

Temporarily Lesbian
Posted on Saturday May 06, 2017
She tells you how lust for another girl turned her temporarily, insatiably lesbian. The hotter her story gets, the hotter you get too. You can be male or female in this story.

Hanging Out
Posted on Thursday April 20, 2017
He invites you over to hang out and watch a movie. Getting tied up and shagged silly is an unexpected bonus.

House Guest
Posted on Saturday April 08, 2017
You get up to shenanigans with a sexy houseguest while your wife/girlfriend sleeps.

Harem Girl
Posted on Saturday March 25, 2017
A western woman becomes a sex slave in the harem of an Arab prince.

Room Service
Posted on Saturday March 11, 2017
She goes to the wrong hotel room and gets mistaken for a prostitute. Predictable hijinks ensue.

Interactive Story - Just Take Her
Posted on Sunday February 26, 2017
Forgo the usual pleasantries and take what you want. It's obvious she's gagging for it!

A Moving Experience
Posted on Sunday February 12, 2017
You came to help her move, but the earth moves instead!