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Interactive Story - Boss Taming
Posted on Saturday October 22, 2016
As the new guy in the warehouse, can you find a way to get the upper hand with your tyrannical (but sexy) female boss?

The Date
Posted on Saturday October 08, 2016
You and your girlfriend take your relationship to the next level over the hood of your car.

Interactive Story - On The Prowl
Posted on Saturday September 24, 2016
You are a hot, horny woman, out on the town and on the prowl.

Laboratory Lovers
Posted on Saturday September 10, 2016
You and your friend/boss/whatever take it to the next level as part of a scientific research study.

Movie Teaser
Posted on Saturday August 27, 2016
Your friend probably wouldn't have invited you to the movies if she knew you were going to suck off her man.

Running Late
Posted on Saturday August 13, 2016
She's getting ready to go out but she'll let you have your fun, just so long as you don't mess her up.

Coming Clean
Posted on Saturday July 30, 2016
An escort friend persuades you to take care of one of her regular clients. He's someone you know and he has a bathing fetish!

Tied Surprise
Posted on Saturday July 16, 2016
She's been given to you as a present, tied to the bed so you can do whatever you like with her.

Interactive Story - Futanari Tale
Posted on Saturday June 25, 2016
You magically grow another set of genitals. Who will you try them out on?

Interactive Audio - Picture Her
Posted on Saturday June 11, 2016
Let Kitten talk dirty about your fantasy girl. In addition to a version that doesn't mention her name, we've created versions for Cathy, Emma, Jane, Jen, Jennifer, Kylie and Mary. If you happen to like a girl with one of these names, then it's your lucky day.

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