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A Fantasy Exposed

You are lying next to your girlfriend on the bed. It’s warm so you are wearing only a pair of silk boxers, and she’s in her bra and panties. It’s been a long day and you are exhausted.

She traces a finger down your bare chest and toys with your belly button. “Want to play?” she asks in a cute voice.

“I’m tired,” you reply. Frankly, you’d rather watch TV for a while and then go to sleep.

She won’t be put off that easily. Her hand slides under the waistband of your boxers and gently grabs your flaccid cock and balls. You offer no resistance as she idly plays with your junk. Under normal circumstances you would be rising to attention, but not tonight.

Your girlfriend tries to get a rise out of you for a couple of minutes but is unsuccessful. She pouts, then giggles. “I bet if Lisa was here you’d want to play!”

Your dick twitches involuntarily in her hand and you tense up. The mere mention of Lisa’s name causes a little flutter of excitement in your belly. But you’ve never admitted these feelings to your girlfriend!

You try to feign nonchalance. “Who?”

Your girlfriend starts scratching your perineum and scrotum with her nails. “Don’t play coy! Lisa. I know you like her. I bet if she was here you’d want to play!”

“No…” you grunt unconvincingly. Your dick swells again and your girlfriend wraps her hand around it.

She laughs. “I just have to say her name and you get hard! You like her, admit it!”

You could get yourself in so much trouble. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Your girlfriend leans in and whispers in your ear. “Lisa. Sexy Lisa. She’s so hot with those beautiful tits of hers!”

Each time Lisa’s name is mentioned your dick throbs in your girlfriend’s hand. At the mention of her tits you exhale, half sigh, half groan.

You girlfriend giggles. “Now you’re waking up. It’s okay, I know you like her.” Her breath is hot in your ear. “You wanna fuck her?”

That butterfly feeling surges in your stomach and your heart rate increases. You feel a little faint. You can’t believe your girlfriend is talking like this.

“You wanna fuck Lisa? Fuck that tight little pussy of hers?”

You gasp. Your cock is now fully erect, in fact it’s harder than it’s been in quite a while. Your girlfriend is pumping it steadily.

“Wow babe, you’re hard as a rock. You must really want to fuck Lisa. What is it about her? It’s her boobs, isn’t it? She’s got nice boobs. Better than mine?”

“No…” you reply diplomatically.

“Hmm.” She doesn’t sound convinced. “That’s okay, I know she’s got nice tits. I bet you’d like to see them, wouldn’t you? If she got them out for you, what would you do? You want to suck on them?”

“Oh yeah…” you groan, deciding to go with the flow.

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