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(A Fantasy Exposed, continued...)

“You want to suck on Lisa’s sexy tits? I bet her nipples get really hard. I bet she likes it when men bite her nipples. You want to grab Lisa’s tits and suck and bite on her nipples?”

“Uh huh…” A dribble of pre-cum runs from your knob and trickles over your girlfriend’s hand.

“Then what? You want to fuck her tits? Stick your dick between them and fuck Lisa’s tits until you shoot all over her face and neck? Cover Lisa in your cum?”

“Oh God, yeah…”

“Imagine Lisa’s pretty face all messed up with your cum. I bet the bitch would love that. I bet she’s a real cumslut at heart.”

You groan. Your girlfriend is jacking you furiously now.

“But I know what you really want to do. You want to fuck her properly, don’t you? Maybe bend her over, rip off her panties and fuck her tight little cunt from behind? Yeah? Fuck Lisa like the bitch in heat that she is? Shove your cock in her so deep and make her scream?”

You close your eyes and imagine that you are pounding Lisa doggy-style, your hips slapping against her ass cheeks. You lean forward and grope her dangling breasts, pinching and tugging on the nipples, before grabbing her by both elbows, pulling her back and upright, shoving your cock as deep as it will go…

“Or maybe let her do all the work?” your girlfriend continues. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Imagine Lisa riding you, sliding her wet cunt up and down on your cock, with her tits bouncing up and down…”

You visualize Lisa straddling you, writhing impaled on your throbbing shaft, squirming her hips around. You grab her soft ass and buck your hips up to meet her downward thrusts, slamming balls-deep inside her again and again and again. It’s too much for her. Her face is so beautiful as she cums, her pussy twitching around your rod. Then she falls forward onto your chest, sweaty and exhausted, her breasts pressed into you. You keep thrusting upward into her, one hand full of her hair, holding her head against you, feeling her panting breath on your chest. You groan as your balls boil over and you fill Lisa’s pussy with your hot, sticky cum.

“Oh Lisa!” you groan. Your girlfriend keeps jerking your cock as you shoot your load into the air and it rains down on your stomach and thighs. She continues long after you’re spent, while you twitch and tremble, until the sensitivity is unbearable and you place your hand over hers to make her stop.

You both lie there quietly while your girlfriend plays with your cum, making patterns with her fingers. Then her hand slides down to your balls and she grips them tightly, digging her nails in.

“So I’m not enough for you, is that it?”

Oh shit.

The End

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