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(Celebrity Encounter, continued...)

Outside your place, Jake leaves the driver a massive tip to assure his anonymity and then to your surprise he walks with you towards your door, helping you with your bags.

“You don’t have to do that!” you say.

“It’s the least I could do, Fiona,” he says, his gorgeous eyes glinting in the sun.

You let him into your house and shut the door behind you both.

Now that Jake Thorne is inside your house, he’s taller than you thought he would be. Everything seems unreal in his presence, including you. You watch dumbstruck as he puts your shopping on the kitchen counter and helps unload stuff into the fridge.

“It’s good to do something normal,” he says. “Standing on stage and talking to a bunch of kids: that’s not a normal day. I just want to sit down, have a coffee.”

“How do you like it?” you ask, imagining that he could have fresh grains imported from whichever country he chose whenever he wanted.

“As long as it’s hot and wet,” your guest says, “that’ll be just fine, Fiona.”

You feel yourself tingle and wonder if he could possibly be flirting with you. You sit him down on a stool in the kitchen while you wait for the coffee to percolate. He sits there confidently, a glowing presence, watching and seemingly enjoying not only your company but your every move. You spot him glancing at your waist as you stretch up to retrieve coffee mugs and then the way your boobs shake a little as you stir sugar into his.

He doesn’t say thank you when you hand him his coffee. He only smiles, which strikes you as being super intimate.

“I’m so tense,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

You have a moment of doubt, but then you decide to see if he’s flirting with you or not.

“I could help with that,” you say, standing behind him. You slide your hands over his shoulders and massage him gently.

“Oooh, that is good,” he says. “You think you could do that harder?”

You caress his shoulders and neck, squeezing his firm body and pressing your fingers through his crisp, white shirt.

“Mmm,” he says and eases towards you. The back of his head rests against your breasts and you wonder if he realizes what he’s doing and what he’s doing to you. He says just what you are thinking:“This is crazy, but it’s so good.” After a minute, he adds: “You think you could do that under my shirt?”

“Why don’t you take it off?” you joke. “That would make things easier.”

To your surprise, he pulls the shirt over his head and drops it on the counter, revealing his beautiful, naked torso. A half-naked Jake Thorne is now sitting at your kitchen table, groaning as your move your hands all over him. This is much better than seeing him in a mall! An hour ago, you had been wondering if you might see him in the flesh, but now you’re feeling his flesh, as intimately as if you were lovers.

You get a bit carried away and end up with your fingers caressing his throat and moving up over his face, then his hair. It feels great under your fingers.

“That’s so good, Fiona,” he says, eyes closed.

Encouraged, you press your breasts against the back of his head and neck. In response, he swivels around and licks his lips.

“I know how to help you unwind,” you say.

With his sexy eyes fixed on yours, you remove your clothes. You undo your skirt and let it drop to the floor. When you step out of it, you are standing there in just your heels and panties. You’re gratified by the growing bulge in his trousers and the serious, absorbed look on his face.

He presses his face against your bare breasts.

“You smell good,” he says.

When the coffee-maker starts making noise, you jog over to turn it off. Before you can turn around, however, Jake is behind you, feeling your ass and sliding his fingers over your pussy.

“Let me return the favor,” he says.

He spins you around and presses himself against you as he takes your breasts into his mouth. The words hot and wet come back to you, because that’s how his mouth feels against your cool skin and that’s how he makes you feel. Inside your panties, you are hot and wet and ready for him.

On his knees now, he kisses your belly and you suck in a breath, making sure you’re firm and flat for him.

“Relax, Fiona,” he says. “You be you and I’ll be me.”

He tugs at the elastic of your panties and you wiggle out of them. Without further ado, his tongue is up against your pussy lips. You can’t help pushing your pelvis against his face and he groans, tonguing you deeper.

“Is that good?” you say.

“You’re wonderful,” he says. You’re feeling unsteady, but he pins you against the sideboard and you’re not going anywhere until he’s had his fill. Your legs are trembling as he slides a couple of fingers into you. When he withdraws them halfway they are wet and sticky.

You wonder if any of your neighborrs saw Jake coming in with you and if they believed their eyes. They’d never imagine that Jake Thorne was on his knees, sucking on your sopping wet pussy, but that’s exactly what’s going down here.

He keeps looking up at you with those gorgeous eyes to make sure that you are still with the program.

“Turn around,” he says.

You spin around for him and then bend over the counter as he kisses your back and eases his cock into your wet pussy. All those girls jostling their way to the front of the stage would be furious and jealous if they knew that Jake was giving it to you in your own kitchen. You push your ass out to meet his thrusts and he’s soon panting like a train. He exhibits great stamina and staying power though, because he doesn’t ease up on his pistoning action for a moment, giving you time to ease into the idea that Jake Thorne really is up to his balls in you and before this is over you’re going to make him cum.

Your breasts are squeezed against the counter until he lifts you up so that he can cup your boobs. Surrounded by him like this, you suddenly cum hard.

“So, you liked that?” he says, still fucking you consistently.

“Lie on your back,” you manage to say when you get your breath back.

As you sit astride him in cowgirl position, you watch his face for hints of how much he likes what you are doing and you diligently ride him to orgasm. Your own body flourishes and you feel more alive than ever.

You feel his jizz inside you as a massive increase in wetness and as you slow your strokes to a stop, his cum is oozing out of you, back down his cock towards his balls.

“Fiona, thank you,” he whispers, throwing his hands behind his head and closing his eyes with a satisfied expression. “That was just what I needed.”