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(Dressing Room Show, continued...)

The first drops of pre cum bubble out of your cock head and you use them to make your cock a little slippery as you stroke. You watch the young woman finger fucking herself in front of the mirror and yearn to bury your face in her pussy so bad, just to taste her. You kick your pants down and use your other hand to play with your balls as you jack yourself harder.

Stephanie is fingering her wet pussy with three fingers now. Her other hand tugs on her nipples, first one, then the other. She knows she’s moaning too loud, but it feels so good, so dirty, so nasty. She spreads her legs more and squats down a little, fucking herself hard with her fingers. Her hands are wet to the wrist from her dripping pussy. Oh, she wants to cum so bad. She begins bouncing up and down a little, thrusting down onto her own hand, her palm rubbing hard against her clit and sending shivers of pleasure through her.

You moan and grab the Kleenex. You are going to shoot your load soon, you can feel the cum boiling in your balls. You stroke as fast as you can and then grunt as you explode. You try to catch it all but semen splashes across the console in front of you and some drips onto your legs. You keep stroking and milking your cock until your balls are empty.

Stephanie feels her legs start to go wobbly on her and then she starts cumming. She watches herself in the mirror as she cums and the sight excites her even more. Her juices drip down her hand as she shudders in orgasm. She can’t move, pressing her hand tight against her clit as she begins to shake. Then she grunts and thrusts down twice more and her cum literally squirts out of her and down her thighs. She bites her lip to keep from screaming out as the orgasm tears through her.

After a second or two her shaking subsides and she straightens up. She licks her fingers, tastes her own pussy and laughs. Then she grabs her bra and shirt and puts them on. Last she pulls her panties and shorts on and looks at herself again. Her face is flushed, her hair slightly damp from sweat, but she looks fairly normal. She leans over, kisses the mirror and mouths the words, “I love you.”

You feel a stab of shock in the pit of your stomach, before realizing that her words are directed at her own reflection, not the voyeur in the control room.

“I love you too baby,” you reply.

The End