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(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I love you too, Claudia,” you tell her, your voice low.

“What?”, she asks, clearly surprised. “But, Dan-”

“Fuck Dan with a cactus,” you tell her. “In all my life, who always stood by me? Who punched that bully in the face for making fun of my nose? Who’s always been there to listen to my problems when I need someone to? That was all you, Claudia.”

“Emma, I can’t believe this,” Claudia stammers. “But you’ve never dated a girl. How do you know you’ll like it?”

“Because I won’t be dating just any girl. I’ll be dating you,” you answer. “You’re perfect for me, and it’s taken a major mistake on my part to make me realize that.”

Claudia looks slightly confused. “What do you mean, a mistake?”

You hesitate. You could just tell her that dating Dan was the mistake, or you could be honest and tell her about the wish you made.

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