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Fancy Dress

The fancy-dress party is in full swing. You’re casually lounging on the sofa, looking pretty awesome in your Roman gladiator armour (complete with plumed helmet), drinking a beer and watching the other guests. You’re watching one guest in particular.

You haven’t been able to take your eyes off Emma Smith all night. You’ve always wanted to get your hands on the pretty blonde, but circumstances continue to keep you apart.

Tonight she’s looking incredibly hot, having squeezed her lovely body into a sexy nurse outfit. It’s a very short white dress that buttons up the front, worn with a nurse’s cap, white fishnet stockings with suspenders and black heels.

Her tight dress barely covers her nice round ass, exposing succulent bare thigh above her stocking tops. A stethoscope hangs between her breasts. The costume is so small she can’t do up the top two buttons.

Emma catches you looking at her (not for the first time) and smiles. You give her the coolest wave you can manage and are delighted when she decides to come over. She plonks her ass on the sofa next to you.

“Hi Brad, cool party isn’t it?” she says.

“Too many Christians for my liking,” you reply. Then, just in case she gets the wrong idea, “We should feed them all to the lions.” Then, just in case she still doesn’t get it, “You know, cause I’m a Roman gladiator…”

“I’m not completely thick!” she giggles, then offers a lame joke. “What do you call a Roman with hairs in his teeth? Glad he ate her!”

Emma has obviously been drinking a lot because she really seems to like you. She’s sitting really close and gazing into your eyes as you talk utter crap for ten minutes.

You finally dare to tell her that she looks really sexy in her nurse uniform and you wish you could get her alone.

She giggles and flutters her eyelashes. “What would you like to do to me, Brad?”

“You need a full physical examination, nurse!” you reply. “You have some major swelling in the chestal region that I need to take a look at!”

“Oooh yeah!” she replies, running her finger down your golden breastplate. “And maybe we can find somewhere nice for you to sheath your sword!”

You stare at each other, both realising how aroused you have both suddenly become, and extremely conscious of the urgent need to do something about it.

Emma looks around to make sure no-one is watching, then grabs your hand. “Come with me,” she whispers, and leads you down the corridor.

The only place you can find to be alone together is the bedroom where everyone has thrown their coats. This is a dangerous place to make out, because you’ll be discovered as soon as someone leaves. For various reasons, neither of you want to be discovered.

“We’ll have to be quick,” says Emma. She wraps her arms around your neck and you push her up against the wall as your lips meet in a series of frantic, passionate kisses. Then suddenly her tongue is in your mouth and she’s squeezing your gluteus, Maximus.

You can’t believe you finally have Emma Smith to do with as you please. You have limited time for foreplay and so much you want to do to her.

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