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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You remove Emma’s stethoscope and hurriedly unbutton the front of her dress down to the waist, revealing a lacy white bra. You pull the cups to the side and her firm breasts spring out.

You drop to your knees, grab her tits in both hands and bury your face between them. She smells of a mixture of floral perfume and the Vodka Cruiser she accidentally spilt down there earlier. You tweak her thick pink nipples with your fingers and feel them stiffen.

Emma shudders in your arms. “My boobs are so sensitive! Please be gentle!”

She removes your helmet and strokes your hair as you devour her ripe and delicious breasts. You alternate between each stiff nipple, sucking them deep into your mouth and flicking them with your tongue. Her tits are soon shiny with your saliva.

While you suckle on one breast and fondle the other, your free hand slides down to her ass. You pull up the back of her dress and discover that she’s wearing a g-string. You cup one bare cheek in your hand and squeeze. Her butt is warm and soft.

Emma moans. “I want you so bad. Please fuck me Brad. Fuck me now!”

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