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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You drop to your knees, kissing Emma’s neck and her soft cleavage on the way down. You slide your hands under her tight dress and grab her soft, round ass. You are delighted to discover that she’s wearing a g-string and you grope her bare butt roughly.

Emma pulls her dress up to her waist, then yanks her g-string over to the side. She has a pretty pink pussy, framed by a nicely trimmed patch of blonde pubes.

Still clutching her buttocks, you press your mouth against her cunt and slide your tongue up the length of her slit. She’s already moist, and soon she’s dripping with a mixture of your saliva and her own juices.

Emma runs her fingers through your hair, knocking off your helmet. “Oh yes, that’s it Brad, keep licking me…”

You suck her hard little clitoris into your mouth and start flicking it with your tongue. She pants out a breathless “Oh fuck!” before her legs tremble and give way. For a moment she’s supported only by your face and your hands on her ass.

Emma moans. “Oh God, I want your cock. Give it to me Brad!”

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