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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You stand up again and lean against Emma with one forearm on the wall to the side of her head. You both rummage under your tunic for your cock and she finds it first, wrapping her hand around it and using it to pull you closer.

“It’s so big!” she exclaims. You have to agree. It’s actually bigger and harder than it’s ever been in your life.

Emma raises one leg and you get your elbow under her knee, lifting it high and wide to expose her crotch. She keeps her g-string on, simply pulling the material over to the side. You spread and bend your knees so she can guide you to her tunnel entrance. You then plunge your dick deep into her tight pussy.

Neither of you want to take it slow, so you pound her against the wall as hard and as fast as you can. You are so excited to be fucking Emma, and the nurse outfit is the icing on the cake!

“Oooh yes, fuck me! Fuck me Brad!” cries Emma. You warn her that she’s being too loud, so she whispers it again in a little-girl voice. So cute.

Rutting awkwardly against the wall, neither of you have the endurance to remain in this position for long. Fortunately you are both so horny that you don’t need to. Emma beats you to orgasm, eyes wide and gasping as her twitching pussy clenches around your cock. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” she pants.

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