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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You pick Emma up and carry her over to the bed. She squeals in delight as you throw her on top of the pile of coats.

Emma rolls over onto her knees and elbows, sticking her round ass high in the air. “Fuck me like this, Brad!” she orders.

You grab Emma by the waist and shift her closer, so her knees are on the edge of the bed. Her stocking-clad legs are spread wide enough that you can stand between them.

You pull up her nurse’s dress, exposing her bare buttocks and little white g-string. You yank it to the side, revealing a now very wet pussy.

You tuck the front of your tunic up inside your breast-plate. You didn’t wear underpants tonight (you’re a kinky bastard) so your cock springs out, ready for action.

You rub your cock up and down Emma’s ass crack and grope her buttocks. “Well nurse, are you ready for your injection?”

“Shut up Brad you idiot and fuck me!” she replies, squirming her butt around in frustration.

You ease you knob between Emma’s inviting pussy lips, then grab her suspender belt and plunge your cock deep into her willing cunt.

“Oh yeah…” you both groan in unison.

The room is filled with the sound of your thighs slapping against Emma’s bottom, the wet sound of her pussy being pumped, and her fevered gasps of pleasure. There’s a big mirror on the dresser by the side of the bed and you turn to admire the image of a dashingly-handsome Roman warrior forcefully fucking a beautiful, slutty nurse from behind.

Emma soon reaches the brink. She straightens her arms and pushes her ass against you, arching her back. “I’m cumming!” she cries.

You grab both her elbows and lean back, pulling her back with you, bending her body so her firm tits stick proudly out. You keep thrusting deeply into her as her pussy quivers and contracts around your cock.

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