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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You quickly pull your cock out of Emma’s still-spasming cunt and she slides down the wall to land with a thud on her ass, with her legs spread and her pussy peeking out of the side of her g-string crotch. You grab your cock and pump it frantically in her direction.

“Hey, wait a minute!” she shouts, but barely has time to turn her head before you coat her cheek and neck with a volley of hot white sperm.

“Ewww!” moans Emma, but you keep jerking your cock at her and cumming like a firehose, spattering semen all over her nurse uniform.

You tuck your cock away and step back to admire your handiwork. Emma’s dress and stockings are covered with multiple cum stains and sperm is trickling down between her breasts. She looks like she’s just come from a terrible accident at the sperm bank.

“How am I supposed to go out again looking like this?” she asks you, somewhat annoyed.

There are footsteps in the hallway outside. “Quick, hide!” you say, then grab Emma and stuff her under the bed. You grab your coat and leave the room, whistling nonchalantly.

The End

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