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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

When Emma’s orgasm finishes you release her arms and she collapses forward onto her elbows, completely spent. Your cock is yanked out of her pussy with a wet pop.

You grab your dick and start jacking furiously, staring at the sexy ass of the ravished nurse on the bed.

“For Rome!” you cry, and unleash a fountain of sperm all over Emma’s succulent bottom. Your aim gets worse as your ejaculation continues. Semen sprays all over her thighs, her back and several of the coats of some unlucky partygoers.

There are footsteps in the hall outside. You quickly stash your cock away, then dive out the window and into the night.

Not before time. As you sneak away down the driveway you hear the shrill voice of the party’s host screaming “Oh my God! Emma Smith! What are you doing? Get off my bed!”

The End

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