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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You thrust your cock deep into Emma’s mouth and unload a torrent of cum down her throat. The sexy nurse gulps and swallows greedily, but is unable to stop a trickle of semen from escaping her lips and running down her chin.

Finally you are spent. Emma sucks the last drops out of your cock and then licks it clean. Then she wipes her chin on her hand and licks that clean too. You had no idea that Emma Smith was such a cum-loving slut!

There are footsteps in the hall outside. You both quickly adjust your costumes and then pretend to be looking for your coats on the bed. Jesus and a giant panda walk in, look at you strangely, then grab their stuff and leave.

Emma squeezes your hand. “That was only round one” she whispers, kissing you on the cheek. “Call me.”

You rejoin the party. Emma pours herself a White Russian, her favourite drink. After her performance earlier, you recognise this as very appropriate.

The End

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