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(Fancy Dress, continued...)

You grab Emma by the hair at the back of her head and pull her back, your cock springing out of her mouth and into your other hand. You jack your shaft three times than grasp it tightly and aim it directly at her face as your balls unload their cargo.

Multiple squirts of cum plaster Emma’s pretty features. Ropes of gooey semen join her forehead to her nose and her bottom lip to her chin. Drops get stuck in her blonde hair and rain down over her cleavage.

When it’s over she looks up at you and pouts. “At least you didn’t get any on my costume.”

Emma Smith looks so beautiful in her nurse outfit, her face literally dripping with your copious load. You ease your dick back between her lips and let her suck it clean.

There are footsteps in the hall outside. Emma quickly wipes her sperm-soaked face all over the front of your tunic, then high-tails it out of there with a cheeky “See ya!”

Another party-goer enters the room and finds you inspecting your rented costume despondently. It looks like you’ve lost your deposit.

The End

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