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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Half an hour later Rachel replies: Thanks honey.

You: Where’s my pic???

Rachel: Can’t talk now.

“What’s going on?” you wonder, anxiously waiting the reply. Finally your phone buzzes.

Rachel: Oh God honey, I sent a pic to my boss John with my dress pulled down. I was smiling! I’m so stupid!

You: No way!

Rachel: He took my phone. Saw everything.

You: Jesus!

Rachel: Yeah. He said you can’t be giving me much dick if this is what I do. Made me ask for that pic of your dick. He got so mad when he saw it.

You: Huh?

Rachel: You must be much bigger than him?!?

You: Well, that’s a bonus???

Rachel: Haha. I gotta do something or he’ll fire me. Got until lunch.


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