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(Medical Experiments, continued by AnotherRandomFapper...)

You suddenly feel an intense burning in your chest and loins. “Gah…I feel so hot…like my body’s heating up.”

Nurse Jenny looks shocked. “Ummmm…I don’t think it’s just the heat you should be concerned about.”

You look down at your chest and see that you’ve grown boobs! Specifically, E-cups!

And you feel a little wet down there as well. You look and feel around and find out that now you have a pussy in addition to your cock!

“Hold on, I’ll contact the doctor!” exclaims the nurse.

You’re not really sure what to do with these additions. On one hand, it feels really weird and you want to yell at her. But on the other hand, this opens a lot of possibilities, and you know a fine looking nurse that might be willing to help experiment with you.


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