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(Picture Her, continued...)

You really want to see Emma naked, don’t you? You’re desperate to see what her body looks like under her clothes. I bet you’d spy on her if you could, you dirty pervert. You’d do anything to catch a glimpse of her naked breasts, to see what her nipples look like. And I know you’re dying to see what’s inside her panties! To see how her sexy, bare ass moves as she walks. Do you think Emma shaves her pussy, or does she have a little landing strip? God, you’d love to find out, wouldn’t you?

If Emma was naked in front of you right now, would you be able to restrain yourself? Or would you grab her, throw her on the ground and fuck the shit out of her with your big fat cock? Oh yeah — just imagine Emma squirming under you while you ram your dick in and out of her tight, wet pussy. I bet she’d be a fantastic fuck — every bit as good as you’ve imagined.

When you cum, will you shoot your load inside her, or pull out and squirt it all over her naked body? You could probably do both, couldn’t you?