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(Picture Her, continued...)

Imagine Emma in her sexy little bikini. She’s pulling herself up out of the pool, soaking wet, her breasts almost falling out of her top before she straightens up and gets to her feet. Imagine her nipples poking through the material, stiff and erect from the cold water. Her bikini bottom has ridden right up between her ass cheeks so she has to reach back and pull it out.

It’s such a little swimsuit, barely covering her naked body. You could completely expose her with just two little tugs. Mmmmm… imagine grabbing Emma and ripping her bikini right off. You’d love to do that, wouldn’t you?

How would Emma react if you tore her bikini off? Most girls would she scream and run away. But what if she saw how hard your cock was? She’d probably drop to her knees and suck you off, wouldn’t she? Let’s pretend she would! Let’s pretend that she’s so turned on by having her bikini ripped off that she drops to her knees and shoves your dick in her mouth.

Fuck — I bet Emma’s fantastic at giving head. It wouldn’t be long before you’d be filling her slutty mouth with cum!