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(Picture Her, continued...)

Picture Emma in tight yoga pants, the spandex clinging to every curve of her sexy ass. They’re so tight between her legs that you can see the outline of her pussy, and you can tell she’s not wearing anything underneath. She’s stretching, bouncing a little as she touches her toes, bending over right over in front of you.

Mmmmm… her butt looks so delicious in those skin-tight pants, I bet you just want to bury your face in there. Would you like that? Have Emma sit on your face in her tight spandex, smothering you with that gorgeous ass of hers? Hmmm? Or maybe you want to grab her and rip those pants off her butt — just dig your fingers in and tear them to shreds? Oh yeah, I know you would.

Imagine bending Emma over and tearing through her yoga pants, then taking your cock and shoving it right up her pussy. Fuck that bitch from behind, slamming your cock into her tight cunt, right through her torn-up pants. Then shoot your cum all over her ass and watch it dribble between her cheeks and over her pussy. Would that be nice? Hmmmm?