Interactive & customizable sex stories : Create your own erotic fiction

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The Bouncing Game

This is a customizable sex story featuring YOU and a lady of your choice. She's wearing a school uniform skirt, she's sucking a lollipop and she wants you to bounce her on your knee. This is either some really sexy role-play, or the woman has serious mental issues.

Enter her name and attributes below, and the name you want her to call you. You can leave the "She's your..." field blank, or you can enter a word describing her relationship to you. Here are some suggestions: wife, girlfriend, boss, secretary, workmate, friend, teacher, neighbor, step-sister, step-mother, step-daughter, sex-slave, pet slut, little whore... you get the idea!

Written by Scarlett, adapted by Hyperdreams

Her first name:
Her last name (optional):
Her age:
Her breasts:
Your first name or what she calls you:
She's your... (optional):