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The Bouncing Game

Charlotte has been waiting for you. She’s wearing one of your shirts, a white button down oxford tied in front, a plaid and pleated school girl skirt and army boots. Her legs are covered in ripped fishnets and you can see her nipples through the fabric of your shirt. She sucks on a lollipop and smiles at you, then gives you a wink and giggles.

“Hey Daddy!” she calls out in a little-girl voice, giving her lollipop a good suck. “Whatcha doing?”

“Just gettin home from work,” you tell her, wondering what she has in store for you.

“Yeah? Well… I was sorta wondering… well…” Charlotte sucks on her lollipop and looks you up and down hard. “Maybe you might wanna play a game?”

“What sorta game would you want to play?” you ask her, intrigued.

“Well, I was sorta thinking… maybe we could do a horsey ride. You bounce me on ya knee?”

“And how is that a game?” you ask.

“Cause I wanna see if you can do it without touching.” Charlotte gives you a smug little smile and sticks her lollipop back into her mouth.

You set your briefcase down and walk to the couch. Pushing pillows aside you sit down and pat your lap. Charlotte grins and walks over to you with a swagger and a giggle and straddles your leg. As she sits down on your knee she leans forward and whispers in your ear.

“Ooops Daddy… I forgot to mention, I ain’t got no panties on.” She grins and you feel the wetness of her pussy immediately soaking through the fabric of your slacks.

Your cock is already rock hard, feeling the heat from her pussy on your leg but you keep up the game. You begin to bounce your knee slowly and she rides it, grinning at you. When you don’t speed up she gives you a pouty look and says, “Hey… this ain’t no kiddie ride… you got to go faster.”

“Oh… you didn’t tell me that.”

“Well, duh, everyone knows that. Geeesh Daddy.” Charlotte gets up and turns around, fluffing her skirt up so you can see her bare ass as she straddles your leg backwards. “Bounce me please? I want a good horsey ride.”

As you begin to bounce your knee faster her skirt flits up and you are given a great view of her sweet butt cheeks each time she bounces down. Charlotte is riding your leg and laughing as she sucks on her lollipop, urging you to go faster and faster.

Laughing back at her, you begin to bounce her fast and hard, feeling her pussy making not just a wet spot, but soaking your slacks up and down the leg as she slides back and forth, covering you with her wetness. “Yeah Daddy… you’re good.” Her accent is gone and her words are short and ragged. You bounce her even faster and she holds on to the arm of the couch and hunches her back as her body begins to shake.

As Charlotte bounces down each time she grinds her pussy onto your leg, getting herself closer and closer to cumming. She opens the knot in her shirt with one hand and you can see her bare breasts bouncing free in the mirror across from you. You watch her ride you and pull on one of her nipples.

“God yes Daddy… yes Daddy. God… yes… I wanna cum for you Daddy…” she pants.

Charlotte throws back her head and grunts, clamping her legs shut on your knee. She grinds her pussy on you and the wetness begins to soak through. She shakes and moans as she cums on you, rubbing herself back and forth until she is coating you with her cum.

That’s when you can’t stand it anymore. You grab her hair and jerk her back against you and grab her tits, squeezing them and pulling on the nipples. She squeals and quivers as the pain intensifies her orgasm. You toss her off your knee onto the couch beside you and roll on top of her.