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(The Bouncing Game, continued...)

You don’t kiss, Charlotte is still sucking on her lollipop. Instead you suck on her stiff nipples, nibbling them as you fumble with your fly. It won’t open right away and you pull too hard — you hear the fabric ripping. Figuring, fuck it, you pull harder and rip your pants open, pulling your hard cock out the rip. She laughs as you push her sweet legs apart and thrust into her pussy, balls-deep in one long slow push.

You fuck Charlotte hard and fast. She wraps her legs around your hips and digs the heels of her boots in your ass, whispering deliciously dirty things in your ear. “Yeah Daddy… Do it hard Daddy… Do me good.”

You pull her forward so her ass hangs off the couch and pin her hands against the back cushions, fucking her as hard as you can. Charlotte’s tits bounce with each thrust and you love watching them. You bend down and suck on a nipple as you fuck, your breath coming in short angry gasps.

“Yeah Daddy, tear it up… tear that pussy up… break it Daddy… break it!” she cries out, and you do your best to do it for her. You slam your cock into Charlotte as hard as you can, hammer-fucking her balls-deep with each thrust. She is screaming and kicking her heels against your ass.

You let Charlotte’s hands go and grab her hair with both hands, thrusting into her with a broken pace as you start to cum. You blast Charlotte with hot cum, slamming into her, filling her and then thrusting again as you fill her more.

Charlotte screams and her pussy clenches tight around your cock. She milks you as she cums, her hungry pussy squeezing every last drop of cum out of you. Exhausted, you collapse on her and try to catch your breath.

As you both catch your breath, she starts laughing. You lift your face up to look at her and she sticks her tongue out at you. You give her a quizzical look.

“Ha ha Daddy, I won. Told you ya couldn’t not touch me.” Charlotte sticks her lollipop back into her mouth. You have to laugh too… you really like this game.

The End