See your most secret sexual fantasies in print

About Hyperdreams

Do you know a special person you'd like to see naked but probably never will? Or maybe there's a celebrity you'd like to fool around with? If you can honestly say no to both these questions, then maybe this site isn't for you.

But if you're like most of us, then there are probably people in your life that you find attractive but that - for very good reasons - you can only dream about. If you could spy on them naked, you would. If they starred in porn, you'd watch it. But you can't, so all you can do is fantasize about them.

Story customization

Don't despair. It turns out that you can make people appear in porn without them even knowing about it. Have you ever seen those pictures where celebrity heads have been Photoshopped on to naked bodies? Well, this site is the literary equivalent of pasting your sister-in-law's head on a porn star's body.

There are millions of sex stories on the Internet, but if you've ever tried copy/pasting your special person's name into them you've probably found that most stories don't work for this purpose. They're full of pesky details that just don't apply to you and which prevent you from becoming immersed in the fantasy.

That's where we can help. All the stories here have been selected and edited to be light on fantasy-breaking details. Ordinarily this makes for bad stories because description is good for painting a picture. But since you've already got the picture of your fantasy girl or guy in your head, any description that doesn't match is bad. That's why we let you customize details like the size of a girl's boobs. We even let you localize most stories for American or British English.

Most of the stories are told from second-person POV. That's where the main character is you (we assume that you'd like to be the one bonking your special person, not someone else.)

Interactive stories

The other big feature of this website is the interactivity that many stories offer. Think "Choose Your Own Adventure", but for adults.

There are a couple of big community-driven websites out there that offer interactive stories, but they both suffer from the same two problems - most stories are unfinished with unmanageable numbers of dangling branches, and those with multiple authors lack cohesiveness.

Our stories might not spread over hundreds of pages, but they are each the vision of a single author, and they are all complete and won't leave you hanging.