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Let's Imagine - Audio JOIP/BYOP*

April tries her best to help you get off, but she can't see the photo.

Hey there boy! Whatcha doing on the computer all by yourself, hmm? I’m going to take a guess, you dirty perv. You’re looking at a picture of a girl, aren't you? Do you know how I can tell? Well… It's the fact you've got your dick in your hand – that's a bit of a giveaway. So who are you jerking off to? I can't see from here. C'mon, you can tell me. Is it some hot porn model? Does he have her legs spread, showing you everything? Can you see her pussy? Does she have big tits? You can tell me!

Written by Hyperdreams, performed by April Would - 11:43

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* Jerk Off Instructions with Picture, Bring Your Own Picture: You can browse your device for a photo to view while you listen to the audio (it only gets shown in your browser, not sent to our server) or you can find a picture somewhere else and play the audio in the background.