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No Comparison - Audio JOIP/BYOP*

Why would you want the girl in your photo when you could have Kitty instead? (Obviously this question is purely rhetorical.)

The script for this audio is also available as a customizable quickie.

Hey sweetie, whatcha doing there with your dick in your hand? Looking at another hot girlie on your computer are you? Let's seeā€¦ Oh for fuck's sake, not her again! You're always jerking it to that woman. She's not even that hot. I mean, okay, she's pretty enough I suppose. But if she knew you were masturbating over her, she'd probably be grossed out. You need a girl who'd get turned on by being your jerk-off material.

Written by Hyperdreams, performed by Kitty - 5:16

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* Jerk Off Instructions with Picture, Bring Your Own Picture: You can browse your device for a photo to view while you listen to the audio (it only gets shown in your browser, not sent to our server) or you can find a picture somewhere else and play the audio in the background.