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She Wants You - Audio JOIP/BYOP*

The girl that you lust after feels the same way about you. No, it's true! Would Caroline lie to you? Stare longingly at a photo of a girl you fancy while you listen to Caroline confirm your wildest dreams. (Disclaimer - girl in picture may not actually want you.)

The script for this audio is also available as a customizable quickie.

Are you looking at your dream girl, baby? Can I see? Oh, yum! I can see why you like her. She’d be so much fun to make out with, wouldn’t she? I certainly wouldn’t say no. We could take turns with her – would you like that? You can go first – I don’t mind if you’ve made her all wet and gooey. You know what's funny baby? You think you can’t have her, but I know better. She wants you too. She's totally infatuated with you, baby. She thinks about you all the time, maybe as much as you think about her. Uh huh... it’s true. She’s probably on her computer right now, fingering herself to a picture of YOU!

Written by Hyperdreams, performed by Caroline - 5:41

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* Jerk Off Instructions with Picture, Bring Your Own Picture: You can browse your device for a photo to view while you listen to the audio (it only gets shown in your browser, not sent to our server) or you can find a picture somewhere else and play the audio in the background.