Customizable Celebrity Sex Stories : Sex stories featuring celebrities and you!

Write your own fan fiction!

Have you been desperately scouring the internet searching for sex stories about your favorite female celebrity and coming up empty? The erotic stories on our site can be customized to be about any celebrity you like. You supply the celebrity's name and attributes and the stories tailor themselves to fit.

The following dirty stories are specifically about celebrities:

  • Script Revisions is an epic interactive story where you get up close and personal with a female movie star.
  • Gang Banged can be customized to be about a famous girl or woman.
  • Under the Influence is a multiple-choice story with a female celebrity option.
  • The Photographer describes a photo shoot that goes wrong for your favorite actress, model, singer or other celebrity.

Most of our other stories also work well when you supply a celebrity's name. Here are just a few:

  • In Rude Awakening, one girl interferes with another while she is sleeping.
  • In His Bidding your favorite celeb gets tied and tortured.
  • Peeping Tom lets you spy on her from the bushes.
  • Intruder lets you drug and have your way with her.
  • In Subway Ride your celebrity acts like a whore on a train.