Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

Collaborative Sex Stories

These are community-created multiple-choice interactive sex stories to which you can contribute.

At the end of each page is a link for you to add your own page. You supply a short line of text describing a decision that the main character makes. This should be either an action or a line of dialogue, and it will become the text of the bullet-point that a reader will click to read your page. Then you supply the text for your page, which should be at least a couple of paragraphs. If you intend your submission to be an ending, write "The End" to make it obvious, otherwise finish your page at a good point for others to branch from. The exception is "Clip For Sale" - you have to write the entire second half of that story.

The stories are curated and edited by us, so your page won't appear until it has been reviewed. You can submit as many pages as you like, but you'll need to wait until a previous page has been accepted before you can build on it.

Read on, and if you don't like the way the story is going, you know what to do!

Her Secret Fantasy  Male POV
Your wife/girlfriend has a secret sexual fantasy that she's never told you about. How will you react when she finds the courage to tell you about it?

Everybody Wants You  Female POV
Dumped by your boyfriend for a hotter girl, you make a wish for everybody to want you more than her. Unfortunately your wish comes true.

Medical Experiments  Male POV
Short of cash, you volunteer as a test subject for a medical experiment. The side effects are... interesting.

Clip For Sale  Male POV
She wants your help producing a porn clip, with her in the starring role. Note to contributors: you need to write the entire second half of this story.