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Erotic Audio

Reading is hard! Take a break and listen to some erotic audio instead. We're proud to present a selection of sexy recordings from Kitten's back-catalogue that are not freely available elsewhere.

Swimsuit by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
She's not happy with her new swimsuit and wants to return it.

Your New Nurse by Kitten 
This sexy nurse will attend to all your needs.

Car Ride by Kitten 
Try to drive straight while she plays with herself, then sucks you dry.

Daddy by Kitten 
A daddy/daughter roleplay fantasy.

Levis by Kitten 
She makes her little sister pay for the use of her jeans.

Tie Me Down by Kitten 
Listen as she recalls what you did the last time you tied her up.

Phone Sex by Kitten 
See how many ways she can fuck herself with you on the phone listening.

My Husband's Mistress by Kitten 
A wife gets revenge on her husband by sleeping with his mistress.

Homecoming Present by Kitten 
She talks dirty to you while trying out her new vibrator.

Unfaithful by Kitten 
Resist the charms of this seductress if you can.

Panties by Kitten 
All that stands between you and her wet pussy are her tight panties.

Confession by Kitten 
You are forced to reconsider your vows as this innocent virgin confesses her secret desires to you.

Confession 2 by Kitten 
She's discovered lesbian love since her last confession.

Make a Mess by Kitten 
She wants you to cum everywhere!

Playing With Sarah by Kitten 
You get to watch her lesbian tryst with her beautiful girlfriend.

Two's Company by Kitten 
She tells you about her encounter with two men from the night before.

I Couldn't Wait by Kitten 
Listen to what happens when you leave her alone.

Touch Me by Kitten 
What do you need, a gold-edged invitation?

You Want Me by Kitten 
You're neglecting your mistress, but she's got a girlfriend with a strap-on who'll take your place.

The Northern Line by Kitten 
You fuck her in the back of the carriage on a crowded train.

New Toys by Kitten 
Her new sex toys have arrived in the mail.