Unique erotic audio to enhance your own fantasies

Audio JOIP (Jerk-off Instructions with Picture)

We try to provide personalized fantasies, so here's something that's quite unique. Load up a picture of your fantasy girl and listen to one of our ladies talk dirty about her. It's jerk-off instructions (or jerk-off encouragement) with audio and a picture and for some of you it might be the hottest thing on the Internet. There's something really exciting about a girl talking dirty about another girl, expecially if the subject is someone you know!

Your Personal Whore by Hyperdreams/Kitty 
Kitty is convinced you could have a night with the girl in your photo - for the right price!

Let's Imagine by Hyperdreams/April 
April can't see the photo of the girl you're jerking-off to, but she's happy to encourage you anyway.

Goddess by Hyperdreams/Caroline 
Worship your dream girl with Caroline. There's no pedestal high enough for her.

Her Gangbang by Kitten 
The girl in your photo was gangbanged last night, and Kitten was there. Listen as she describes it in detail.

Gagging For It by Kitten  Locked
That girl in the photo looks positively desperate for a good rogering, and Kitten thinks you're just the man to do it.

You Dirty Pervert by Kitten  Locked
Kitten is shocked at all the dirty things you want to do to the girl in your photo.

Try-on Haul by Kitten  Locked
The girl in your picture has bought a bunch of new lingerie and swimsuits. Let Kitten describe the scene.

Cock Worship by Kitten  Locked
Kitten describes an awesome blowjob from your fantasy girl.

Those Two Girls by Hyperdreams/Kitty  Locked
Those two girls in your photo have definitely done it with each other. Let Kitty convince you.

No Comparison by Hyperdreams/Kitty  Locked
Kitty would be so much better than that girl in your photo.

If I Had a Dick by Hyperdreams/April  Locked
Whatever you want to do to the girl in the photo, April would do it better if she had a dick.

She Wants You by Hyperdreams/Caroline  Locked
The girl that you lust after feels the same way about you! It's true! Would we lie to you?

Fuckable by Cynthia  Locked
Cynthia agrees that the girl in your photo is fuckable. Let her describe the ways.

That Bitch by Hyperdreams/Caroline  Locked
Caroline really doesn't like the girl in the picture and has some ideas of what she'd like to do to that bitch.

Her Stripper Fantasy by Hyperdreams/Caroline  Locked
Your dream girl's secret fantasy is to be used and abused as a dirty stripper.

Too Young For You by Hyperdreams/Caroline  Locked
You dirty old man! The girl in the photo is much too young for you.

Your Wife's Friend by Hyperdreams/Delphi  Locked
You shouldn't be perving on pictures of your wife's friend, but Delphi isn't going to stop you.

Emma by Hyperdreams/Delphi  Locked
If you have an infatuation with a girl called Emma, this audio from Delphi will probably make it worse.

Breast Man by Hyperdreams/Caroline  Locked
Your dream girl has big boobs - a fact that doesn't escape Caroline.

Simple Mathematics by Hyperdreams/Caroline  Locked
She's famous, so you're not the only one wanking over that photo. Imagine the logistics if she indulged all of you.

My Daughter by Caroline  Locked
Pleasure yourself to a photo of your dream girl while her own mother offers encouragement.

The Two of You by Caroline  Locked
Caroline really gets off on the idea of you banging the girl in the picture.

Dream On by Caroline  Locked
You can only dream of having the girl in the picture. Caroline gets mean!

She's So Pretty by Caroline  Locked
Caroline shares your affections for the girl in the picture.

One Dirty Slut by Caroline  Locked
The girl in the photo gets Caroline all hot and bothered, and she doesn't hold back!

Secret Crush by Caroline  Locked
Grab a photo of your secret crush from Facebook or your camera roll and let Caroline guide your fantasies.

Red Carpet Tease by Caroline  Locked
Find a picture of your fantasy babe on the red carpet and let Caroline talk dirty about her.

Famous Actress by Caroline  Locked
Listen while drooling over a sexy picture of your favorite actress.

Porn Star by Caroline  Locked
Find an explicit pic of your favorite porn star and let Caroline bring you to the brink.

Bonus Erotic Audio

Reading is hard! Take a break and listen to some erotic audio instead. We're proud to present a selection of sexy recordings from Kitten that are not freely available elsewhere.

Swimsuit by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
She's not happy with her new swimsuit and wants to return it.

Your New Nurse by Kitten  Locked
This sexy nurse will attend to all your needs.

Car Ride by Kitten  Locked
Try to drive straight while she plays with herself, then sucks you dry.

Daddy by Kitten  Locked
A daddy/daughter roleplay fantasy.

Levis by Kitten  Locked
She makes her little sister pay for the use of her jeans.

Tie Me Down by Kitten  Locked
Listen as she recalls what you did the last time you tied her up.

Phone Sex by Kitten  Locked
See how many ways she can fuck herself with you on the phone listening.

My Husband's Mistress by Kitten  Locked
A wife gets revenge on her husband by sleeping with his mistress.

Homecoming Present by Kitten  Locked
She talks dirty to you while trying out her new vibrator.

Unfaithful by Kitten  Locked
Resist the charms of this seductress if you can.

Panties by Kitten  Locked
All that stands between you and her wet pussy are her tight panties.

Confession by Kitten  Locked
You are forced to reconsider your vows as this innocent virgin confesses her secret desires to you.

Confession 2 by Kitten  Locked
She's discovered lesbian love since her last confession.

Make a Mess by Kitten  Locked
She wants you to cum everywhere!

Playing With Sarah by Kitten  Locked
You get to watch her lesbian tryst with her beautiful girlfriend.

Two's Company by Kitten  Locked
She tells you about her encounter with two men from the night before.

I Couldn't Wait by Kitten  Locked
Listen to what happens when you leave her alone.

Touch Me by Kitten  Locked
What do you need, a gold-edged invitation?

You Want Me by Kitten  Locked
You're neglecting your mistress, but she's got a girlfriend with a strap-on who'll take your place.

The Northern Line by Kitten  Locked
You fuck her in the back of the carriage on a crowded train.

New Toys by Kitten  Locked
Her new sex toys have arrived in the mail.