Interactive erotic audio lets you control her voice

Interactive Erotic Audio

These branching and looping interactive sex recordings let you direct the action and decide how long it lasts. Kitten is completely under your control!

When the erotic audio starts playing you will be presented with a choice of sections that can play after the current section finishes. Click on a choice to select the section to be played next. If you click on a choice that is already selected (or double-click) you will jump to that section immediately.

Let's Make a Deal by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
She really wants those new shoes and you have the cash. Make her earn her money!

Private Room by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
You're in the Private Room with a beautiful stripper. How far can you go with her?

Picture Her by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
Picture your fantasy girl while Kitten talks dirty about her. There are multiple versions of this audio featuring different female names.

Tease - Episode 1 by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
She's driving you crazy with her flirty teasing. What are you going to do? Spank her?

Tease - Episode 2 by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
The spanking hasn't stopped her teasing you. In fact, it's gotten worse! Can she make you jerk off in front of her?

Tease - Episode 3 by Hyperdreams/Kitten 
That little prick-tease is playing her games again. But this time she's not getting away before you fuck her!

Cum For Her by Kitten 
Let her get you off with a blowjob, handjob or tit-fuck.

Give It To Her by Kitten 
Try missionary, doggy and cowgirl.

Take Her Ass by Kitten 
After an optional spanking she'll let you use her tightest hole.

Pegging You by Kitten 
Now it's your turn to be on the receiving end of a big cock.