Interactive sex stories let your decisions change the plot

Interactive erotic stories

These are multiple-choice sex stories where you control the plot. At the end of each section you make a decision about which path to follow. In most cases you are the protagonist and the story is told using second-person perspective.

These "storygames" are similar to the old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (CYOA) books, but the subject matter here is for adults only! Your choices are used to tailor the erotic story to fit your own personal sexual urges!

The characters can be customized, so you can put anyone into the story. We also have many non-interactive customizable sex stories for your enjoyment.

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She's a Whore by Hyperdreams  Male POV
Feeling lonely in a hotel away from home, you decide to call an escort agency. But the girl who turns up is someone you know!

The Massage by Hyperdreams  Male POV
A girl you know is training to be a masseuse and needs you to practice on. How will you deal with an inconvenient erection?

Eyes Wide Slut by Hyperdreams  Male POV
A masquerade party provides you with the opportunity to anonymously bang a girl of your choice.

He's All Yours by Hyperdreams  Female POV
One for the ladies. The husband or boyfriend of one of your good friends is completely at your mercy.

The Premiere by Silence Welder  Male POV
You use black magic to seduce a famous actress at the premiere of her movie.

Midterm Maelstrom by Elsie  Female POV
You are a horny girl who really should be writing her mid-term paper.

Private Dancers by Hyperdreams  Male POV
A trip to the strip club with your buddy gets cancelled, but two of your female friends step up to the plate. Over 35,000 words!

Under the Influence by Hyperdreams  Male POV
Under the influence of a mystery drug, can you resist interfering with the unconscious object of your affection?

Just Take Her by Hyperdreams  Male POV
Drag your fantasy girl into a dark room and have your way with her. It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission...

Script Revisions by Hyperdreams  Male POV
Your script is being made into a major motion picture, but the female lead has some concerns with the details.

In the Guest Room by Hyperdreams  Female POV
He's sleeping in the guest room and you can't stop thinking about him. Will you be a naughty girl and go take a peek?

Cheating Bitches by Hyperdreams  Male POV
Two unfaithful women have their secret exposed and are at your mercy. How will you take advantage of the situation? Hint: you could try to have sex with them...

Fancy Dress by Hyperdreams  Male POV
You have five minutes with your dream girl at a fancy dress party, so make it count!

Catfight by Hyperdreams  Female POV
You are forced into a sexually-charged cat-fight with another girl, in front of a crowd of horny males.

The Photographer by Hyperdreams  Third Person POV
A photo session turns into sexual humiliation for your favorite female celebrity!

Party Hard by Haunting Hero  Male POV
Your failing party is rescued by four sexy women. A 60,000-word epic story!

Winter Day by Some anonymous fans  Female POV
On a cold winter day, you and your man find ways to warm each other up.

I'll Let You If You Let Me by k.kikkiriccio  Female POV
If you let your boyfriend/husband screw around, hopefully he'll let you do the same! A massive story at over 60,000 words!

Holiday's Climax by k.kikkiriccio  Female POV
You and your boyfriend/husband decide to end your romantic holiday with a bang! Over 32,000 words!

Homewrecker Housewarming by spunionz  Female POV
A hunk from your past is moving in next door. You won't let his wife/girlfriend stand in your way.

Gotta Be Quick by spunionz  Female POV
You and your dream stud only have a short time while your boyfriend/husband is out.

Season's Cheatings by spunionz  Female POV
You catch your friend/sister's partner cheating. Will you confront him, spy on him or join in?

Class Reunion by spunionz  Male POV
Get reacquainted with your choice of three sexy schoolmates at your class reunion.

Rave Sluts by spunionz  Male POV
A night out at the local rave ends with your choice of two slutty women.

Keeping Her Company by spunionz  Male POV
Your trusting friend/brother/dad stupidly asks you to keep his girlfriend/wife/sister company for the weekend.

Internet Hookup by spunionz  Male POV
You find your fantasy girl on a dating app and decide to swipe right.

Festival Fling by spunionz  Male POV
You bump into her at a music festival and she's soon back in your tent and making a startling confession.

Punish Her by Scarlett  Male POV
She has been naughty and it's your job to punish her.

The Reunion by Black Rose  Male POV
Another take on the school reunion scenario, with another three sexy schoolmates to choose from.

White House Heat by Black Rose  Male POV
You are the President of the United States, and your fantasy girl is your First Lady!

Candid Celebrity Interview by alexoxo  Male POV
You interview a famous babe after slipping her an aphrodisiac.

Anal Halloween by alexoxo  Male POV
It's Halloween, you're anonymous in a werewolf costume, and your dream girl is a sexy devil.

Snatch Chat by alexoxo  Male POV
The wife/girlfriend of your friend/brother/father/son accidentally sexts you instead of him.

Sex at the Circus by Silence Welder  Male POV
Have an erotic encounter with a mysterious performer at the travelling circus.

Mysterious Beach Babes by Silence Welder  Male POV
On a lonely beach in France, three beautiful but strange women are waiting to invite you back to their places, but all is not as it seems.

Virgin Sacrifice by Silence Welder  Male POV
Choose a virgin and sacrifice her to the beast!

Alien Orgasm by Silence Welder  Third Person POV
The story of a man, a woman, and two deviant aliens whose mission is to study human sexuality. Who gets anal-probed? You decide!

King by Silence Welder  Female POV
You are a servant, but you are a woman first. When a visiting King is entertained at your palace, you make sure that he knows that too.

Queen by Silence Welder  Male POV Female POV
The jealous King wants to know what the Queen is doing at night and who she's doing it with. When you report back, poorly-chosen words could mean your head.

Love Confession by Solsgon  Male POV
She turns up out of the blue and confesses her love to you. How will you handle it?

On The Prowl by Solsgon  Female POV
You are a hot, horny woman, out on the town and on the prowl.

Viking Romance by Solsgon  Female POV
You are a Viking shield maiden. When a handsome warrior arrives in your village, will you make him yours?

Fixing Her Computer by JAubrey  Male POV
It starts as a favor but you can't control your perverted urges when left alone in her house.

Relationship Rollercoaster by m1181  Male POV
There are four girls in your life. Which one will you end up with?

Unfaithful Urges by Stewart  Male POV
You and your wife/girlfriend are friends with another couple, but unfaithful urges threaten to destroy both relationships.

Boss Taming by Hama Forthright  Male POV
Can you find a way to get the upper hand over your tyrannical (but sexy) female boss?

Futanari Tale by MFPal  Male POV Female POV
You are transformed into a being with two sets of genitals. Who will you try your new body out on?

House Sitting by YoungTom  Male POV
You get up to mischief while minding the house of a pretty girl and her parents.

Night at the Movies by Jackson  Male POV
A night out at the movies with your date, girlfriend or wife turns into a depraved orgy of sexual excess.

Put Out My Fire by Melanie  Male POV
You are the Chief of the Firehouse and she is a super-hot probationary recruit.

Picture Her (audio script) by Hyperdreams  Male POV
The script for the interactive audio.

Private Dancers (original) by Hyperdreams  Male POV
The original short version for non-members.