Sex Story Localization : Ass or Arse?

Localization (or is that Localisation?)

Most of our stories contain a localization option (that's L10N if you're a computer programmer) so you can choose whether they contain American or British spelling and idioms. So US readers might drink coffee in the story, and UK readers might drink tea. This might seem like a stupid thing to waste time on, but we only really care about a couple of important words when it comes to sex stories...

Ass and Butt versus Arse and Bum

Coming from a part of the world that speaks UK English, we find it more arousing to read the words "arse" and "bum" than the ubiquitous American "ass" and "butt."

It might just be us, but we just can't get excited by "ass" and "butt." Perhaps it's cultural, or maybe it's because those words have reached saturation point in the American movies and television that we consume. Those words are used so frequently and in so many situations that they've lost all their sexiness.

Anyway, we think there's a very good reason to prefer "arse" and "bum." They are nice round-sounding words to describe a nice round-shaped thing. Compare the mellifluous sounds in these words to the hard "a" at the start of "ass" and the sharp "t" at the end of "butt." The American version of the words sound hard and pointy. Here at Hyperdreams we don't like our bums to be hard and pointy.

As a final point, just look at the shape of the letters in the word "Bum." It's a bum on its side, followed by half a bum, and finished off with an upward-pointing bum. We rest our case.