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Interactive Story - Internet Hookup
Posted on Saturday July 14, 2018
You find your fantasy girl on a dating app and decide to swipe right.

On the Menu
Posted on Saturday June 30, 2018
You're out to dinner with a hunky guy and it turns out that it's you on the menu.

Dinner with Friends
Posted on Saturday June 16, 2018
Your wife/girlfriend's sexual arousal at dinner is noticed by the hostess.

Interactive Epic - Party Hard
Posted on Saturday June 02, 2018
Your failing party is rescued by five sexy women. Our biggest-ever story a year in the making!

Unexpected Threesome
Posted on Saturday May 19, 2018
Your boyfriend/husband catches you with your fantasy guy and immediately takes control.

Interactive Story - Festival Fling
Posted on Saturday May 05, 2018
You get her back to your tent at a music festival for some horizontal folk-dancing.

Booty Call
Posted on Saturday April 21, 2018
She's always willing to satisfy your needs when the opportunity arises.

Posted on Saturday April 07, 2018
You catch her cheating on you with another woman and the consequences for both of them are severe.

Celebrity Bukkake
Posted on Saturday March 24, 2018
Your favorite female celebrity gets more than she expected on the red carpet.

Interactive Story - Snatch Chat
Posted on Saturday March 10, 2018
The wife/girlfriend of your friend/brother/father/son accidentally sexts you instead of him.