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JOIP Audio - One Dirty Slut
Posted on Friday September 14, 2018
Caroline is hot for the girl in your photo, and she doesn't hold back.

JOIP Audio - Too Young For You
Posted on Thursday September 13, 2018
The girl in the photo is much too young for you, you dirty old man. But Caroline will indulge you anyway.

JOIP Audio - She's So Pretty
Posted on Wednesday September 12, 2018
Caroline shares your affection for the girl in the picture.

JOIP Audio - Her Stripper Fantasy
Posted on Tuesday September 11, 2018
Look at your dream girl while Caroline tells you about her dirtiest fantasy - being used and abused as a slutty stripper.

JOIP Audio - She Wants You
Posted on Monday September 10, 2018
Look at her picture while Caroline describes what that girl would like to do to you. Stay tuned, we've got more of these coming really soon.

Sweet Night
Posted on Saturday September 08, 2018
A romantic night of dancing with your special lady leads to chocolate-fueled passion between the sheets.

Interactive Story - I'll Let You If You Let Me
Posted on Saturday August 25, 2018
Your plan is to let your boyfriend/husband have some fun, so he'll let you do the same. A massive 60,000 word story for the ladies.

Interactive Story - Keeping Her Company
Posted on Saturday August 11, 2018
Your friend/brother/father stupidly trusts you to keep his girlfriend/wife/sister company for the weekend.

Audio JOIP x3
Posted on Saturday August 04, 2018
Here's something new we hope you like. These three new audios are designed to be listened to while you view a picture of your fantasy girl. You can even load the picture right into the webpage.

Out of Control
Posted on Saturday July 28, 2018
You bang two hot women at an out-of-control party.