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Clinching the Sale
Posted on Saturday Jun 08, 2024
She needs help getting into her new jeans, but the saleswoman would rather get them off her.

Both Of Them
Posted on Saturday Jun 01, 2024
At the start of this story, you’re really into her. By the end, you’re more interested in him

A New Woman
Posted on Saturday May 25, 2024
Who has your girl invited to join you? Damn this blindfold and these ropes!

Into the Groove
Posted on Saturday May 18, 2024
What is it with all these people shagging in nightclub toilet stalls? Use them for their correct purpose (taking drugs.)

Gangbang Girl
Posted on Saturday May 11, 2024
Be the guy or girl who has to clean her up after her gangbang.

Man Beach
Posted on Saturday May 04, 2024
Your fantasy guy bangs two gay dudes on a secluded beach.

Posted on Saturday Apr 27, 2024
Pretend to be asleep while while two lovers get it on in the same room.

Stuffed Full
Posted on Saturday Apr 20, 2024
Be one of two lesbian toy afficionados or just observe the extreme action.

Midnight Creeper
Posted on Saturday Apr 13, 2024
You creep into her room at night to get your rocks off, then suffer the consequences.

Hot Wet Girl (Interactive)
Posted on Saturday Apr 06, 2024
What will you do now that your sexy fantasy girl is naked in your shower?

String of Pearls
Posted on Saturday Mar 30, 2024
Enjoy a pearl necklace (the traditional kind) with your lesbian lover.

Tentacle Porn
Posted on Saturday Mar 23, 2024
She likes the idea of being ravaged by tentacles. Be male or female and help her live out her fantasy.

Your Slave Girl
Posted on Saturday Mar 16, 2024
You discover her submissive nature and take your straight/lesbian relationship to the next level.

Posted on Saturday Mar 09, 2024
Jerk off your guy while you're driving. You can be male or female.

Parental Approval
Posted on Saturday Mar 02, 2024
Her parents think she can do better. They're probably right.

On The Phone
Posted on Saturday Feb 24, 2024
Your girl won't get off the phone. Do something to her that's more interesting than her conversation.

His Tight Ass
Posted on Saturday Feb 17, 2024
It's the morning after, but his ass is still as tight as it was the night before.

Mixed Jello Wrestling
Posted on Saturday Feb 10, 2024
A couple wrestle in jello and things get sloppy. Choose your POV.

Stained Skirt
Posted on Saturday Feb 03, 2024
A friendly reminder to take care of stuff you borrow. A lesbian spanking story with two POVs.

She's at the Club (Interactive)
Posted on Saturday Jan 27, 2024
Your wife/girlfriend has discovered your dirty secret. Manage the unfolding situation over texts.