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Interactive Story - Homewrecker Housewarming
Posted on Saturday September 07, 2019
A hunky guy from your past is moving in next door. He's got a wife/girlfriend, but you won't let that stand in your way.

Car Wash Hustle
Posted on Saturday August 24, 2019
You can be the guy or the girl in this story about shenanigans in a car wash.

JOIP Audio - Dream On
Posted on Saturday August 17, 2019
Caroline doesn't think you have a chance with the girl in your picture. You can only dream.

Interactive Story - Winter Day
Posted on Saturday August 10, 2019
On a cold winter day, you and your man find ways to warm each other up.

School Dance
Posted on Saturday July 27, 2019
Abuse your position of chaparone at the school dance by banging not one, but two girls.

JOIP Audio - The Two of You
Posted on Saturday July 13, 2019
Listen as Caroline really gets off on the idea of you banging the girl in the photo.

Real Sex Doll
Posted on Saturday June 29, 2019
She's been hypnotized to be your own real-life sex doll.

Backstage Pass
Posted on Saturday June 15, 2019
You get a backstage pass to meet your favorite male singer. He doesn't need a pass to get into your panties.

Interactive Story - Gotta Be Quick
Posted on Saturday June 01, 2019
You have a small window of opportunity with your dream stud while your husband/boyfriend is out.

The Contest
Posted on Saturday May 18, 2019
Two of your female friends, one recently-dumped, compete for your affections.

Tied Reprise
Posted on Saturday May 04, 2019
A sequel to "Tied Surprise" in which your fantasy girl gets her revenge on you for that time you took advantage of her while she was tied up.

Interactive Story - Candid Celebrity Interview
Posted on Saturday April 20, 2019
You interview a famous babe after slipping her an aphrodisiac.

Auctioned Off
Posted on Saturday April 06, 2019
Kidnapped and auctioned as a sex slave, you are desperately in need of a hero.

Interactive Story - Season's Cheatings
Posted on Saturday March 23, 2019
You catch your friend/sister's hunky partner cheating. Will you confront him, spy on him, or join in the fun?

Interactive Story - The Reunion
Posted on Saturday March 09, 2019
Another take on the school reunion scenario. Choose between your crush, your friend and the shy girl.

JOIP Audio - Simple Mathematics
Posted on Saturday March 02, 2019
You're not the only one wanking over that photo of a famous babe. Caroline does the sums.

Posted on Saturday February 23, 2019
Two of your female friends wrestle and you get to have sex with the loser.

Can't Wait to Get Home
Posted on Saturday February 09, 2019
You and your guy can't keep your hands off each other and literally can't wait to get home.

JOIP Audio - Red Carpet Tease
Posted on Saturday February 02, 2019
Find a photo of your favorite babe on the red carpet and let Caroline talk dirty about her.

Interactive Story - Class Reunion
Posted on Saturday January 26, 2019
Get reacquainted with your choice of three sexy schoolmates at your class reunion.