Your fantasies are safe with us

Privacy & security information

When you customize our stories with the names of your secret fantasy partners, it might have occurred to you that you are entering potentially incriminating information! This page is to put your mind at rest.

In short, you have nothing to worry about, but read on for more information if you want to share your customizations, or you choose to deliberately disable Javascript or cookies.

Personal information

There is no personal information stored on the server. The server stores nothing more than a list of login keys, so your identity is perfectly safe in the unlikely event that the website is compromised.

Encrypted connection

We use SSL to encrypt all communication between your browser and our server. This means that your choice of boob size cannot be intercepted by a man-in-the-middle attack.

Browser history and server logs

The pages you visit on our site will appear in your browser history and our server logs, but your story customizations are not recorded because they are communicated to our server invisibly. There are two exceptions to this, however:

  • Each story page has a small link at the bottom labelled "Link". This is a link to the current page that contains your choices as part of the URL. It is intended to allow you to create a bookmark to your place in the story so you can return later without losing your choices. If you click on this link, then your choices will appear in your browser history. If you bookmark the link, then your choices are visible in your bookmark.
  • The site relies on Javascript to invisibly send your choices to our server. If you elect to disable Javascript, then the site's fall-back behavior is to include your choices in the URL of every page you visit, and these choices will be visible in your history, our server logs, and the referrer URL supplied to any site that you visit by following a link on our site.

If you are concerned about your browser history revealing your browsing habits to another user of your computer, you should delete your history after your visit or make use of your browser's privacy mode.


We use Javascript to enable the privacy features of this site, to enhance the navigation menu, to control the audio player, and for the Google Analytics plugin that supplies us with statistics that we can use to improve the site.

Keep Javascript enabled if you don't want your choices to appear in your history and in our server logs! Disabling Javascript is a pretty masochistic way of browsing the web these days.


We set a cookie on your machine. All this cookie contains is a number that identifies your browser's current session on our server. When your session is over, the information in the cookie is meaningless.

We use the session identifier in the cookie to remember a few things as you navigate around the site:

  • Whether you have logged in or not.
  • Your last-used localization choice.
  • The tab you were last viewing (on those pages that have tabs.)

If you elect to disallow our cookie, then the most serious impact is that you won't be able to view any of the stories that are restricted to members only.

Social media

All social media buttons are simple links, rather than the insidious tracking buttons that they would prefer we use. We don't use any of their scripts, so they can't spy on your browsing.


Any communication we receive from you from the Contact Us page, emails or other methods is obviously kept in confidence.