Second-person point-of-view makes you the main character in a sex story

Second-person point-of-view

The majority of our stories are written using that rarest of narrative modes - second person point-of-view. In a second-person narrative, the reader is the main character and is addressed as "you". For example, "You scratch your nose."

The other two narrative modes are first-person (e.g. "I scratch my nose") and third-person (e.g. "He scratches his nose.")

We've chosen to use the second-person point-of-view because it is a natural fit for interactive fiction, where the reader is directly involved and makes choices that influence the story.

Present tense

Our other choice is to use present tense (or "historical present") for most of our stories to give the impression that events are unfolding as you read about them. Again, this is rare (past-tense is much more common) but it is natural for interactive fiction because you are frequently asked to make choices as you read.

Our story is your fantasy

By writing in the second-person present-tense, and providing character and plot customization options, we hope to do more than just tell a story. Our aim is to construct sexual fantasies with you as the protagonist, that you can imagine happening to yourself as you read.

Second-person limitations

One reason second-person narratives are so rare is that the author is presuming to know how the reader would feel or act under the circumstances of the story. If the author gets it wrong then the reader could feel alienated. It's not really a problem here, we just assume you'll feel horny and act depraved. And there's usually an option to avoid butt-stuff.