Sex Stories for Women : Interactive & customizable adventures

You are the heroine in a sex story!

The majority of the interactive and customizable stories on this site are told from the male perspective, but we are trying to redress the balance. We know that ladies love dirty stories too (maybe even more than men do.)

The following stories offer the option of a female second-person perspective:

  • He's All Yours is an interactive story where, as a woman, you get to bang the male partner of one of your girlfriends.
  • Midterm Maelstrom is an interactive story with you as a horny girl who gets distracted from writing an important paper.
  • His Bidding finds you naked and tortured in a gothic dungeon.
  • Pool Fun is a romantic and sensual story in which you and your partner amuse yourselves in a wading pool in your back yard.
  • In Candle Holder you are bound, penetrated by candles and scalded by hot wax.
  • Intruder sees you drugged and pleasured against your will.
  • In Victim you partake in a Twilight-inspired animalistic coupling.
  • The Stud sees you get down and dirty with a stud of your choice in a sleazy hotel room.

Of course, we also have many stories told from a neutral, third-person perspective that can be enjoyed by men and women alike.