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(A Big Favor, continued...)

You smile, knowing that your conversation with Andy has revealed the perfect way to break the ice. “Come here Nicki. I think I know exactly what you need!”

She enters the room and walks around the couch to stand in front of you, while you stay seated. “And what would that be?” she asks, excitement plainly visible on her face.

You reach forward and tug at the towel. Nicki makes no attempt to catch it as it unravels and drops to the floor at her feet. You can’t help but gasp slightly as you take your first look at her nude form, and your smile broadens into a stupid grin. Everything about her — her hips and thighs, her breasts, her belly and her smooth skin — all are as you dreamed and hoped. Amazingly you’ve skipped all the usual pleasantries in less than thirty seconds and suddenly found yourself at eye-level with Nicki’s sweet-looking pussy, shaved completely bald without a hint of stubble to be seen. This is going to be fun.

“Put your foot up on the couch,” you suggest, and she complies, revealing every intimate fold and crevice of that secret area between her legs. You shift position so that your face is mere inches from her snatch, and you take her by the hips, enjoying the feel of her soft, still-slightly-damp body under your palms. To your delight you discover that she does, in fact, smell of strawberries (but it’s most likely due to her shower gel, rather than her natural scent.)

The magic of the moment is broken by Andy. “You’ve shaved,” he says to her, sounding surprised.

“Mmm hmm,” replies Nicki. “I feel so naughty being bare down there. Do you like it?”

You lean in and kiss her bald mons pubis, delighting in the smooth feel against your lips. “Very sexy,” you say encouragingly.

“It doesn’t normally look like that,” protests Andy, but you just roll your eyes at him before burying your face between Nicki’s thighs.

You probe her with your tongue, slithering it up and down her slit and periodically lashing her stiffening clit. Almost immediately she starts to gently moan and sigh, gripping your head in her hands to pull you closer. As you tongue her, your hands roam around her hips and ass, gently squeezing and stroking the soft curves of that most-womanly of areas. Soon Nicki’s crotch is wet with spit and her own juices and you’re making some very sloppy-sounding noises down there.

“Oh yes, right there,” she sighs.

You double your efforts — sucking her nether lips into your mouth, then stiffening your tongue and fucking her hole, exploring her groove from end to end, but always remembering to come back to her clit. You can hear her breathing quicken and her unbent leg begins to shake. You dig your fingers into her asscheeks and make rapid circles around her clit, occasionally flicking it from side to side or sucking on it hard.

“Oh… oh… ohhhhh!” Nicki moans, and words cannot express how sexy she sounds while she’s doing it. Her leg wobbles more and she falls forward against you, held up by one hand on the back of the couch and her pussy on your face. “Oh… oh… oh my God!” she cries, surprised and delighted, and her whole body vibrates in your hands. She’s pushing your face into her cunt as hard as she can, and you give up on breathing for the moment, focussing on getting her over the line. You keep munching away all through her orgasm, until hypersensitivity strikes and her legs wobble out from underneath her. She collapses into your lap.

“Oh wow,” she pants. You glance over at Andy with a smug expression and raise your eyebrows, as if to say “that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

He’s looking back at you with a strange expression you can’t read. It can’t be easy watching someone eating your girlfriend’s pussy, after all.

“Is that what you needed, hon?” he eventually asks.

“It’s a good start,” Nicki replies. She’s become aware of your raging boner pressing against her bare ass and she’s reached down to grab it through your pants. “I still want this cock inside me!”

You can see that he’s looking conflicted. “You don’t have to watch,” you suggest helpfully.

He smiles ruefully. “Keep going. Give her what she needs.”

Nicki twists in your lap and gives you a deep kiss, most likely tasting herself on your lips. Then she pulls back and looks at you playfully. “Take me to bed!” she orders, climbing off your lap.

You get up, your massive erection plainly evident, and direct a parting shrug at Andy before following Nicki’s sexy ass as it sashays delightfully down the corridor.