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(A Big Favor, continued...)

Nicki practically runs the last few feet to the bedroom, and you hurry to keep up with her. Once inside, she throws herself on the bed, then twists and shuffles to a seated position on the edge of the mattress, looking up at you with undisguised desire.

“Let me get this dick out,” she giggles. You stand between her parted knees, your bulge practically in her face, and she starts fumbling with your belt. You untuck your shirt and start rapidly undoing your buttons, finally tossing it to the floor just as your pants fall to your ankles. You try to extract your feet from your pants but your shoes get stuck.

Nicki reaches out and grasps your prick through your underpants, feeling the shape of your shaft and your balls in her palm. “My God, I’ve wanted to get my hands on this for soooo long!”

You almost reply that you’ve been thinking about her pussy for an equally long time, but decide against it, not wanting to make the conversation unnecessarily banal. Instead you continue trying unsuccessfully to shuffle your feet through your pant legs.

Nicki tugs your underpants down and your cock springs out. She gasps in delight and wraps her hand around the shaft, gently tugging you. “It’s wonderful. So much bigger than Andy’s!” she marvels. “I just hope I can take it!”

She leans in, and you think she might be about to take you into her mouth, but she deflects and kisses the underside instead. You cringe a little. Hey, it’s been a long day, and you had no idea it might end in a blowjob. Next time you’ll shower first.

Nicki looks up at you. “I don’t want any foreplay. I just want this beautiful cock inside me. And you don’t need to be gentle!”

Her words inflame your passions and you struggle frantically to free yourself from those infernal pants. Your shoes are still stuck but you manage to pull your feet out of them, finally kicking the tangled mess aside. Remembering that a naked man in socks is not a good look, you tug them off too, while Nicki settles back on the bed and spreads her legs wide. Then you throw yourself on top of her, your stiff prick sandwiched between your body and her bald mound.

There’s some frenzied rummaging around as you both attempt to grab your cock and guide it home. You feel your knob slithering up and down her wet groove, before settling at her entrance. She grips your ass tightly with both hands and pulls you in, and your cock sinks slowly and inexorably into her tight tunnel, which stretches and enfolds your cock, like the waves of the ocean submitting to the bow of a newly-Christened ship as it glides down the slipway. Editor’s note: Similes aren’t your forte, are they?

“Oh wow, it’s been so long since I’ve had a decent-sized cock inside me!” sighs Nicki.

There’s a cough from behind you and you twist back to see Andy standing in the open doorway. He can’t have enjoyed overhearing his girlfriend besmirching his penis size.

“Does he have to be here?” you ask Nicki as you begin thrusting, feeling her pussy walls loosen up to accommodate the repeated incursion of your turgid invader.

“Let him stay,” she pants, “he might learn something.” Then she addresses her boyfriend. “Andy, don’t just stand there like an idiot! Come and sit down if you’re staying!”

You shake your head in disbelief as he comes over and sits on the edge of the bed, barely a foot away from where you’re fucking his girlfriend. It’s a small comfort that he seems to be entranced with the rapturous expressions on her face, rather than your rapidly humping ass.

You decide to ignore him as best you can, staring into Nicki’s eyes and groping her tits as you fuck her, your ballsack slapping against the lower parts of her butt cheeks. Her hands roam over your back, scratching at you with her nails, but they keep returning to grab lustily at your ass.

“Oh Andy, he’s so big! It feels so fucking good,” moans Nicki.

You smile to yourself. You would never have described your cock as especially big, but Nicki is really tight, her pussy evidently untroubled by anything of decent size up to now.

“Fuck her harder,” suggests Andy.

“Hey, no offence, but I’d appreciate it if you could maybe keep quiet,” you grunt in reply. You feel like he’s crossing a boundary somehow.

“Sorry,” he grumbles.

You bury your face in Nicki’s neck, kissing and nibbling your way up to her ear, while she writhes around underneath you. Taking Andy’s advice you step up the force and frequency of your thrusting, pounding Nicki’s pussy like you’ve pounded no woman before.

“Uh, uh, uh,” she grunts and moans under the onslaught, her breath hot on your shoulder. “Fuck me, keep fucking me! Oh God, I can’t believe he’s actually fucking me!”

It’s wonderful to hear how much she’s been looking forward to this. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“I want to see you cum,” Nicki pants. “I want to see you shoot all over me.”

You moan and draw on all your reserves of energy, your hips slapping hard against her as you enter the home straight.

“But let me cum first,” she begs.

You ease off. Fuck, all these instructions are getting confusing. You hope you can execute them in the correct order.

“Cum Nicki,” you whisper into her ear. “Cum now, so I can cum too. I’m gonna cover you in cum!”

Nicki gives out a little whimper, then her eyes widen and she lets out a tortured, orgasmic cry. Her body wriggles under yours and you feel her pussy walls twitching around your deeply-buried rod. You’ve managed to get her off purely from vaginal penetration, and probably in record time, too. Well done, you.

You keep fucking into Nicki all through her orgasm and for maybe thirty seconds after, while her limp body flops like a rag doll under you. Then a familiar feeling starts to wash over you and you force yourself to pull your cock out of her grasping cunt. You quickly get to your knees between her legs and take your cock in your hand, wanking it furiously while she stares at it with enraptured anticipation.

With an almighty groan you let loose. Your rapidly-pumping fist flings your milky seed at Nicki, spattering her stomach and heaving breasts. One thick glob lands at the base of her throat.

“Jesus,” mutters Andy, clambering off the bed to get clear.

You milk out the last drops and flick them downward onto her shaved mound. Nicki reaches down and runs her fingers through your semen, then moves on to gently rub her pussy with her gooey fingertips.

“Thank you. Thank you so much,” she whispers.

You look down at Nicki’s beautiful nude body, artfully decorated with the previous contents of your balls.

“Don’t mention it,” you reply.

Andy moves in and sits on the bed next to her, stroking her hair. You move aside awkwardly, then climb off the bed and busy yourself with trying to make sense of your inside-out pants and the shoes stuck inside.

“Was that what you wanted?” you hear him quietly ask her.

“Yes babe,” she replies. “Thank you so much for letting me do this.”

He leans over and kisses her, careful to avoid getting your cum on him, and she reciprocates with a passionate, tongue-twisting smooch that lasts for long enough for you to get dressed.

“So, I might get going…” you suggest awkwardly.

Andy looks back at you. “We’ll catch up soon, yeah?”

“Sure,” you reply. You barely know the guy, but if he wants to shoot the breeze some time then why not? He just let you fuck his girlfriend so it would be churlish to refuse.

He hesitates, then looks at Nicki. She nods.

“And, uh… we might do this again, if that’s okay by you,” he suggests.

You grin. “No problem. You know where to find me, buddy!”

The End