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A Bit Slutty

You return from the bathroom to find that the remaining party guests seem to have scattered around the house. You contemplate leaving but decide to wander down the hallway and see if there is anyone interesting left to talk to.

You overhear some female-sounding laughing from a bedroom and duck your head through the doorway. Inside you find Melanie and her friend Laura, lounging shoeless on a queen bed, glasses of red wine in their hands. Their dresses are dishevelled and there’s a lot of nylon-covered leg showing.

“Oh, Hi there,” says Melanie, still smiling from the joke they’ve been sharing.

“Hi,” you respond. You hesitate, not sure whether you’re intruding. You’re very attracted to Melanie in particular, to the extent that you become quite awkward around her.

“Come in,” invites Laura. “We didn’t think there was anyone left.”

You join them eagerly, sitting on the edge of the bed. “So what’s so funny?” you ask.

The women share a wicked glance with each other, before Melanie reveals, “We were just trying to work out which celebrity we’d most like to fuck.”

Your shock at her bluntness must be plainly evident on your face, because they both succumb to fits of giggles. Attempting to appear unfazed you ask, “So who did you come up with?”

“We had trouble narrowing it down,” laughs Melanie.

“Yeah,” continues Laura. “It turns out that Melanie here wants to sleep with almost all of them!”

Melanie leans closer to you. “I’m such a slut,” she confesses.

“Uh, I’m sure you’re not…” you reply awkwardly.

“No, it’s true,” replies Laura. “She’s probably the biggest slut I know.”

“Really, she doesn’t seem…” you begin.

“I hide it well,” interrupts Melanie, before taking another sip of wine.

You’re not sure how to respond to this, but hearing the object of your affections referred to so casually as a ‘slut’ is making you feel a little funny in your pants. You can sense your face reddening.

“Look, he’s blushing!” says Laura. “You’ve made him blush, you dirty slut!”

Melanie smiles at you, then thankfully changes the subject to put you out of your misery. “So, which famous person would you choose?”

You think about it for a moment. “Uh, I dunno… maybe Scarlett Johnson?”

“Good choice!” says Laura.

“Yeah, good choice,” agrees Melanie. “You know, I think I’d probably turn lesbian for Scarlett Johnson. How about you, Laura?”

Laura shrugs. “Maybe. I bet she eats pussy like a pro.”

“Mmm yeah,” says Melanie dreamily, then looks straight at you. “Imagine this. You can be fucking Scarlett Johnson from behind, while she’s licking me out at the same time. God, that would be soooo hot!”

You’ve actually imagined this scenario in the past! You make a strangled whimpering sound that you hope they didn’t hear, and your cock swells instantly in your pants. “Sounds fun,” you croak.

“Or would you prefer to be fucking me while she’s licking your balls?” asks Melanie sweetly.

Your cock gets harder and you struggle for a response. “I… uh…”

The women crack up laughing. “She’s teasing you,” smiles Laura.

“Oh, okay,” you mutter, knowing it was too good to be true.

“It’s just we both know that you’ve got a thing for Melanie,” she continues.

“I don’t!” you blurt, startled. Then, after a brief pause, “Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious,” says Melanie. “You’re always staring at me. It’s hard not to notice.”

Laura leans over and puts her hand on your arm. “It’s okay. Do you know what’s funny?”

“No, what?”

Laura lowers her voice to almost a whisper. “Well, she’s such a dirty slut that you could have fucked her any time you wanted, if you’d actually asked her.”