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(A Bit Slutty, continued...)

Your heart starts beating out of your chest and you feel a little dizzy. “You’re still screwing with me…”

“No, it’s true,” protests Laura. “She’ll fuck pretty much anyone. Won’t you Melanie?”

Melanie nods. “I’m horny all the time.”

You’re conflicted now. On the one hand, this situation is really exciting. On the other hand, you can’t help but feel a little insulted by Laura’s comment.

“Anyone?” you reply. Then, your voice dripping with offended sarcasm, “Even me?

“Oh, don’t be so sensitive. I didn’t mean it like that,” she says, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, I do have certain minimum standards,” adds Melanie.

“Well, it’s a relief that I meet the minimum standard,” you say, feeling encouraged.

“Yeah, you’ve got a dick!” says Laura, and the two women crack up, laughing hysterically. “You do have a dick, don’t you?” she continues.

“Right,” you say curtly. “I should probably get going.” You’ve dealt with drunk people before and you’ve no intention of sticking around further to be the butt of more of their inane jokes. You stand up to leave, then realize that your erection hasn’t gone down and is plainly visible in the front of your pants.

Both girls stare at it. Melanie licks her lips. “Please stay,” she whispers.

“I don’t enjoy being made fun of,” you reply sternly, desperately willing your hard-on to disappear.

“We’re sorry,” says Laura contritely.

“Laura, make him stay,” Melanie begs her friend. “I’m so fucking horny right now!”

Laura sighs and rolls her eyes. “Okay, just wait a minute. Watch this.”

She leans over to Melanie and proceeds to engage her friend in one of the deepest, wettest, hottest lesbian kisses you’ve ever witnessed. As their tongues wrestle, Laura’s hand slides up Melanie’s thigh, bunching up her skirt and revealing that her nylons are lace-topped stockings held up by a suspender belt. As Laura’s hand slides higher, Melanie draws up the other leg, then drops her knee to the side, revealing the gusset of her black, lacy panties. They are so sheer that you can vaguely see her pussy slit through them, and no sign at all of any pubic hair.

All the blood in your body is rushing to your cock. As they continue to snog, Laura’s hand slides between Melanie’s thighs and she starts stroking her pussy through her panties. Her fingers press the tight, thin material between Melanie’s outer lips and deep into her groove, insistently rubbing up and down its length.

Finally they break apart, their mouths briefly connected by a trail of saliva. You just stare, making no further attempt to hide the massive tent in your pants.

“See,” says Laura. “When she gets horny like this, you can do almost anything to her.” She holds up her fingers, glistening as they catch the light. “Look, she’s soaking wet already.”

You look at Melanie. She’s lying back on the bed with her legs spread apart. Looking you right in the eye, she slips a hand down inside the front of her panties and starts rubbing where Laura left off. Yep, all things considered, you decide she’s definitely a slut.

“Fuck me. I need you to fuck me right now!” she whispers.

“Right now?” you stammer.

“Right now! I need your cock up me soooo bad!”

“But what if someone comes…”

“That’s the idea, silly,” she breathes.

“No, I mean, what if someone else comes in…”

“I’ll keep a look out,” offers Laura helpfully.

“You can imagine I’m Scarlett Johnson if you like,” pleads Melanie, starting to squirm around on the bed, her hips writhing in sexual frustration while she fucks herself with two fingers inside her panties.

“That won’t be necessary,” you reply. If you’re finally getting the chance to fuck Melanie , then you absolutely won’t need to think of anyone else. You make the decision to go for it. You tug off your shoes, then hurriedly divest yourself of your pants and underwear, almost tripping over in the process. Your cock juts out, proudly erect.

“Oh Jesus, I want that thing inside me,” groans Melanie, eying your engorged pole with undisguised hunger.