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(A Bit Slutty, continued...)

You are now every bit as horny as Melanie is. You climb on to the bed and practically throw yourself on top of her, your prick prodding aggressively against her panties. They won’t come off with her suspenders still attached, so Melanie reaches down and pulls the gusset to the side, exposing her bald cunt. You make a couple of unsuccessful attempts at entry before you feel a cool hand wrap around your cock.

It’s Laura! She grips your shaft and guides your knob between Melanie’s outer lips, sliding it along her slippery cleft until it nestles at her entrance. You start to ease into Melanie’s cunt, feeling the warmth of her tunnel stretch around you and draw you in.

Laura puts her hand on your ass and pushes hard. You slide almost balls-deep into Melanie with one quick, smooth thrust.

“Unnngghhh,” moans Melanie, suddenly impaled on your rock-hard prick.

“Oh yeah…” you sigh, your senses drinking in Melanie’s scent, the feeling of her warm body pressed against yours, the sexy sound of her panting…

“Fuck her,” whispers Laura hotly into your ear. “Fuck that slut. Fuck her slutty little pussy!”

You start to pump Melanie vigorously, energized by your pent-up lust for her. Her hands clutch at your buttocks and her nails dig into your flesh. The fact that her friend is on the bed right next to you only serves to intensify the eroticism of the situation.

“Fuck me. Fuck me like you’d fuck that bitch Scarlett Johnson,” she groans.

Your head is swimming with lust and you pick up the pace. The wet sounds of your cock ploughing Melanie’s pussy are accompanied by the gentle slapping of your balls against the base of her ass cheeks.

Laura gives your butt a slap. “That’s it. Fuck that little whore Melanie. Fuck the shit out of that little slut!”

You avert your eyes from Melanie for a moment and turn your head to face Laura. “Weren’t you supposed to be watching the door?”

“I’d rather be watching this,” replies Laura, staring with a glazed expression at your ass as it humps up and down between Melanie’s knees. She moves around so she can see your cock plunging in and out.

Laura is obviously useless at this point so you resign yourself to fate. If the three of you get discovered, then so be it.

You slam into Melanie harder and harder, joyful now that your prick is finally buried in the girl of your dreams. You have so many things you want to do with her, but for now you’ll have to settle for a quick, frantic fuck on someone else’s bed, while her friend looks on.

“How is he?” she asks Melanie, reaching out to move a strand of hair off her cheek where it has become stuck with perspiration.

“Ungh… he’s… ungh… hitting the spot,” grunts Melanie. The force of your thrusting is pushing her up the bed and she’s getting dangerously close to the headboard.

“Don’t cum inside her,” asks Laura. “I want to see it.”

“I’ll do my best,” you grunt. You shove your cock as deep as it will go, then start grinding your pubic bone against Melanie’s clit. She gasps and starts to shudder underneath you.

“Oh fuck… I’m cumming,” she pants, digging her nails even deeper into your ass, trying to pull you even deeper inside her. You thrust hard against her with your cock fully buried, slamming her bottom hard into the mattress. You can feel her pussy rippling as it tightly grips your shaft.

“Ungh… nghhhh… nghhhh,” grunts Melanie, cumming hard, her hot breath on your neck. Then she lets out a little whimper as she comes down from the heights of her orgasm.

“Happy now, you slut? You dirty fucking slut,” breathes Laura into her friend’s ear.

“Oh God,” you groan, as a familiar feeling starts to wash over you. You resume thrusting, faster and faster, ploughing Melanie’s wet pussy until you are almost at the brink.

“Pull out!” cries Laura, hurriedly manoeuvring into position for a ring-side view of the action.

Every fibre of your being wants to fill Melanie’s pussy to the brim with hot jizz, but you fight your instincts and pull out just in time. You take your cock in your hand and jerk it twice before you explode all over Melanie’s cunt and inner thighs.

Laura watches entranced as spurt after spurt of your sticky load spatters her friend’s pussy lips and dribbles down between her buttocks. You keep jerking, scattering globs of sperm over the front of her misaligned panties and the lace of her stocking tops.

Finally you squeeze out the last drops onto her pussy and rub your slimy cockhead up and down over her sticky, sweet folds. Then you roll over to the side and collapse on your back between the two women.

“I told you she was a slut,” says Laura. She reaches over and grabs your cock, all wet with sperm and Melanie’s juices, and still quite hard. It twitches in her grasp.

“It takes one to know one,” replies Melanie.

“Not me. I’m a nice girl,” says Laura, just seconds before taking your gooey cock deep into her mouth.

The End