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(A Man Has Needs, continued...)

Clicking the lock open and swinging the door inside, you are face to face with Nick. You act surprised. “Oh, hey, there,” you greet him.

“Hi. I thought I’d pop by and give this back to you.”

You pull the door open wider. “Oh, yes, well, thank you… um, come on in.” He steps through the doorway, and you suddenly become aware that you are alone with another man in your home, and not just any man. Just to be sure, you look out the door and ask, “Bridget with you?”

“No, just me,” he replies. “She’s gone for a couple days.” You two look awkwardly at each other for a few seconds as you close the door. He is dressed nicely in a button-down shirt tucked into slacks, with a belt, and nice shoes. Like he’s just off work, not like he’s just running an errand. You’ve always admired his physique, and everything seems to fit just right for you to size him up right now. It’s this look that’s attracted you to him for some time, and your mind gives you a small preview of what your bedtime fantasy will be tonight.

“Here, in the kitchen,” you say, leading him into the kitchen. You are glad that it’s not a mess, not yet at least, as you think it may suffer from neglect over the next couple days. Eating right out of the containers from the fridge has left only a fork next to your ice cream spoon in the sink.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Nick says.

“Oh, no, I’m just watching a show.” You think of something else to say. “And eating ice cream. Straight out of the container. Good thing you stopped by and interrupted, or I’d probably eat the whole thing.”

He laughs. “Hey, nothing wrong with that.”

You wonder if there might be something more to this visit than the slow cooker. “So, what brings you by?”

“Um,” he says, pointing, “returning this to you. It’s clean — I washed it.” He seems a little nervous.

“Oh, aren’t you sweet?”

“Oh, yes, sweet, that’s me, you know.” At this point, ‘sweet’ isn’t what you’d hope for.

“So, what brings you by?” you ask again, matter-of-factly, looking into his face. You’re not going to let him skirt it this time, and his face tells you he knows it.

“Okay, here it goes….” He is nervous. “I figured you’d be on your own. Bridget is gone too, so… I was wondering if you wanted some company.”

“Oh, yeah?” you ask, and you’re nervous, too. “What makes you think I need some company?” You are half teasing, and half wanting him to get it out if he’s going to.

“I didn’t ask if you needed company. I’m sure you’re a strong, independent woman.” Nick laughs a little, making you smile. “I asked if you wanted some company.”

“Hmmm, what kind of company might we be talking about?”

“This kind,” he says, stepping the one step toward you till he’s face to face, and leaning in to touch his lips to yours! You tingle with excitement as his lips linger and you feel a hand slide around you — yes, to that place at the small of your back right above your butt. You feel yourself kissing back into his lips. It lasts for long enough that you are able to think. You want to throw your arms around him and jump on him with your legs around him and your tongue in his mouth, but you decide to play it cool.

“Um… wowww,” you say when you separate. His hand drops so as not to keep holding you, not wanting to be too presumptuous, you imagine, and to give yourselves time to assess the situation.

“So, now that’s out of the way,” he says, “I just want to say, this is me taking a big chance. You have been pretty flirty with me for a while, and look at me a lot, and more so recently. I just can’t help but know that you are… well, into me. I know I’m into you.”

You scrunch up your face and look down in the classic ‘I’ve been caught’ way. “It seemed that obvious?”

“Well, honestly, yes. If it wasn’t obvious, I wouldn’t be here. I’d still be wondering, and not doing anything. I’m not really good at reading signals. But you’ve been sending… well, more than signals.”

“I guess you caught me.” You step forward this time, coming face to face with him. “What now?”

“More of this,” he says, pressing his lips lightly to yours. The two of you share a few kisses, as you put your arms around his neck and he holds his around your waist. When your mouths come apart, you stand there holding each other looking into each other’s eyes, and your nervous excitement returns. “Mmmm, wwo-o-o-w-w-,” he says, then lowers his head into your neck, gliding his hands around your back. Taking a deep breath and keeping his lips against your skin, he whispers, “you feel soooo niiiice.” Another breath. “Mmm and you smell nice too.”

Nick is saying all the right things — the combination of the words and the sensation give you goose bumps. “We could sit in here and be more comfortable,” you tell him, leading him toward the living room and offering him the couch. You try to find the remote to turn off the TV. Asking him to get up, you dig around in the couch cushions.

“Shit, sorry,” you say. “What away to kill the mood.” After a loud sigh, you finally find the remote and click off the TV with the touch of the power button, turning the room half dark since the only lights on are from the kitchen and beyond. The two of you sit sideways on the couch facing each other, legs almost touching.

There’s an awkward silence for a few seconds as you (nervously?) smile at each other, kind of like you’re two kids starting to date and not knowing what to say. Then, before saying anything, he gets up, walks behind you, and settles in against your back, an arm on your shoulder, moving his head in behind yours. “Nope, that didn’t kill the mood. It’s still here.” You agree by touching his arm and relaxing backwards into him. “You do feel nice. And smell nice.” Then he adds, “and you look super cute. You always look super cute.”

“Oh, now you’re pushing it — I’m not at my best right now, and you know it.” But somehow, you think he means it. Your slippers are new, and your pajama pants are really cute, you must admit. Your panties aren’t your sexiest ones for sure… but you doubt he’ll care, if things get that far. Your shirt is old and comfy, but not ratty or dirty… oh, shit, you just now become aware that you don’t have a bra on, so, well, if he’s a tit man he’ll get a good show if you keep getting more excited. Which you are, especially with his mouth at your neck like this.

“Don’t sell yourself short. False humility isn’t sexy.”

“Well, okay, then, thank you,” you answer. “And you… wow, you look extra nice tonight.” You sniff at his shoulder. “And you smell nice as well. Just trying to make a good impression on me?”

“Actually, yes. Too much?”

“No… I think just right.” You really appreciate the effort, and to show him you lean over and sideways, your lips finding his for another few kisses. “So tell me, what… why… I know we’ve had this attraction, but people don’t usually act on it, so…?”

“Well, if I’m taking this big a chance and we’re being this honest anyway… I’m just very, I guess you would say, sexually frustrated. I hope that’s not TMI.”

“You mean you and Bridget…?” You don’t quite know how to finish the question. You really don’t want to know about your friends’ sexual problems, but if he’s talking, you are willing to take this opportunity to, um, help him out. You can’t imagine her not wanting Nick — he’d be desirable to any woman with half a brain. Maybe she’s getting her needs fulfilled by banging someone on the side? If so, she’s either crazy or he’s Chris Hemsworth.

“It’s just, honestly, boring, frustrating. We do it enough, I guess, not as much as I’d like, but it’s fine. It’s just that it’s not….”

“Not adventurous?” you ask. “She won’t do all the dirty things you want to do?”

“Not just that, it’s almost not anything, never mind being adventurous.” After a quizzical look from you, he continues. “Tell me if you don’t want to hear this…. It’s just, she lies on her back with me in her, and… that’s it. I mean, there’s also rubbing each other and playing with titties and stuff to start, you know, foreplay.”

“And oral?”

“Umm, no.”

You look at him, shocked, then look away, not wanting him to be embarrassed. “Wow,” you say. “Never?”

Nick continues to spill his sex life, or lack thereof, out to you. Not in a pitiful way, just matter-of-factly telling you that he wants all the normal sexual things that you thought everyone got, and he’s not getting them. It’s kind of like, instead of being desperate, he’s taking charge. He’s tried, but Bridget is just unwilling to do even the simple normal things like different positions, he doesn’t get a view of the action because she doesn’t want the lights on, they don’t do it anywhere but the bedroom, and when he finishes it’s only inside of her. No wonder he’s bored, and no wonder he’s looking elsewhere. You feel a little sorry for him, but he’s exciting you by being bold, and you kind of are glad about his frustrations because they’re driving him to want to do these things with you. Uh, that doesn’t make you a bad person, does it?

“Well, that’s a lot of sharing,” you tell him.

“Yeah, well, I’m not looking for pity sex or anything — I just want what I think is normal stuff, and I’ve always been into you… not because I think you’d give in or to manipulate you. Seriously…” he hugs you and nuzzles your neck, giving you more goose bumps, “I think you’d be tons of fun.”

You don’t say it out loud, but you think he’d be tons of fun too. You feel like you could totally dominate Nick because he’d probably do anything at this point, and while the prospect excites your naughty side, you aren’t going to take advantage like that. But you do want to give him the pleasure he needs. Oh, and get some yourself.

“Well, first things first,” you tell him with a lewd smile, turning to face him, and looking right into his eyes.

“What’s that?”

“We need to get you a blowjob!”