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(A Man Has Needs, continued...)

You push yourself up to the edge of the couch and bend down toward the floor, untying and slipping off Nick’s shoes, followed by his socks, as you feel his hand rub across your back. He has to realize you don’t have a bra on. You stick the socks into his shoes and then swing a leg over his lap. After pulling yourself up, you are on your knees straddling him, and he pulls you in for another kiss. Or twelve. There’s plenty of tongue in this round.

You scoot back so that you’re more on his legs than his crotch, and decide to go for below the waist first, undoing his belt and tugging on it until it slips from around his middle and then joins his shoes on the floor. Looking into his eyes, you unbutton and unzip his pants, pull on the tail of his shirt until you find the bottom button, and then start unbuttoning it up from there. With your hands inside his shirt before you get to the top, you run your palms over his stomach and chest and then around behind him as you hug into him closely while his hands hang out on your butt for a minute, fingers just moving slightly, tickling a little bit. Backing off, you undo the last two of his shirt buttons and admire his bare front, every bit as delicious as you imagined.

Nick helps you wiggle his shirt all the way off. “There’s no one at home to be suspicious of your wrinkled shirt,” you say, “so, fuck it!” You wad it up and throw it behind the couch. He looks shocked for a second and then smiles and goes with it. You caress his chest for a minute and then rest your hands motionless at his hips. You are apart enough and sitting up high enough that he can’t help but look at your breasts, your excited nipples pushing out noticeably from inside your shirt. You wait patiently while he studies them and runs his fingers lightly between them and above them, cupping one then the other, his thumbs nudging the nipples. Both of his hands work behind you under your shirt, and as he lifts from the sides, you raise your arms above your head. With a slow whoosh, you feel the coolness of the air surround your now-naked upper body when your shirt comes over your head.

“Fuck it?” Nick asks, throwing your shirt backwards over your head. You instinctively crush against him, the warmth of his skin removing the slight chill. You decide that since he’s had a lot more tit than blowjob in recent times, you’ll keep your breasts away from him for the time being and focus on going down on him. Backing off and dropping to the uncomfortable floor, you need something for your knees.

You use this opportunity for a slight tease and stand up. Looking down at him, you hold up your finger. “One sec… be right back. You run with quick short steps out of the room to the closet where you keep your blankets. You grab one, and start to head back. Ugh, a university logo? Nope. You pass up the thin one with the cartoon characters and select the nice thick soft pretty patterned one. Running back into the living room, you clutch the blanket under your exposed bouncing breasts, which receive Nick’s attention.

He is digging the contents out of his pockets, but leaving his pants on, kind of making a show of setting his keys on the table beside the couch, then his wallet, then his phone, then the last item — a condom. “Oh, look who came prepared,” you tell him approvingly.

“I’m glad you don’t think it was too… presumptuous.”

“Mmmm, no… prepared. I was giving off… what did you say? More than signals?” You appreciate that he’s got enough brains and confidence to plan for this rather than just jumping in like a stupid kid. Speaking of no kid stuff, no more poking around in the dark. You are aware of the low lighting, and since one of his frustrations is not being able to see all of the action down there… you flick on the light switch. “Got to be able to see all the naughty bits, right?”

Kneeling on the blanket in front of him, you say, “Ah, much more comfortable than straight on the floor.” You pull your slippers off as you settle in front of him, then pull on the legs of his pants, which slide all the way off quite easily, and you almost giggle when you see the bulge straining to get out of his boxers. He has a full-on erection, the straight rigid member stuck sideways inside, possibly uncomfortably, waiting to be set free.

Tossing the pants aside and licking your lips, you grab the waistband of his boxers and tell him, “Oooh, speaking of naughty bits.” You raise the elastic up away from his body and pull it down slowly, your eyes fixed on the exposure of his glorious fully erect penis, pulling the boxers off his feet and throwing them the opposite direction from his pants. It’s a nice cock, but you intentionally don’t make any comparisons regarding size or anything else with other cocks. You are just excited that the man you’ve been fantasizing about is completely exposed before you, ready to explore and be explored.

You reach for and grasp Nick’s penis, making sure to grip it firmly at first, not knowing how sensitive a light touch might be for him. He makes “mmmm” sounds and wiggles a little, then relaxes as you pull on it a few times, hold it straight up, looking past it into his face. You snuggle up closer between his legs, pulling it and wanking it firmly but slowly, letting him get used to the sensation. His head is back and his eyes are closed, but just for a few strokes. You wait for him to look at you again, and, locking eyes with him, open your mouth and take the tip inside. As you look into each other’s eyes, you just hold your lips steady around the glans for a few seconds while he smiles. Releasing and leaning forward a little more, you take more of his penis inside your mouth, squeezing it out with your lips and tongue. You release and do it again, then again, at least a dozen times, and his eyes are on the action the whole time, having refocused on what your mouth is doing.

You don’t know if you’re really good at giving blowjobs, but you give it your best shot. Besides, no matter what, this is the best one he’s had for a while, and that knowledge is exciting, giving you freedom and confidence. You go slowly, not wanting to stimulate him with friction as much as pleasure him with warm wet sensations. And, you have all night and into the morning, so no rush. You bob up and down on his penis, suck on it, kiss and lick the shaft, caress it and jerk it in your fist, all with varying degrees of speed and pressure. You have imagined doing this to him, so you’re just playing out what’s gone through your mind before. He runs his hands through your hair as you service him, alternately leaning his head back and looking at you.

“There’s something I’ve wanted to do,” he says at one point where you’re catching your breath and just handling his prick.

“Ooooh, tell me, don’t be shy.”

“Okay.” He withdraws from you and stands up, nudging your shoulder to get you to turn sideways to face him. “Or, show you.” You adjust the blanket and your position so that you’re kneeling in front of him, boner pointing right at your forehead. You take it in your mouth again, sucking him off while he stands in front of you holding your head. He slowly moves his hips back and forth as his penis slides in and out of your mouth. You let go with your hands and grab at it with just your mouth, resting your hands on his strong thighs. After moving your hands to the back for a minute to grab his butt, you take his dick into your hand again for a wank.

“No, let go,” he says, surprising you a little. “Do it with no hands.” He takes your hands in his, holding them up and intertwining his fingers with yours. He’s not thrusting, not trying to fuck your mouth, but just letting you go at him at your pace. His dick pops out, giving you the opportunity to kiss and lick at it before sucking on it again. When it pops out again, he gets a little more daring and wags it back and forth, slapping your face with it. After more sucks, he does it again. It really turns you on to see him playful like this, and you both laugh as his dick swats at your face a few more times.

Fingers still intertwined, he pulls on your arms as if to stand you up, so you climb to your feet. You are surprised to almost instantly have him seal his mouth on yours for some deep kisses — if you had time to think about it, you would have expected him to avoid your mouth, considering where it’s been the last few minutes. But you eagerly accept his tongue… and his groping hands, which seem to be trying to grab both your ass cheeks and both your tits all at the same time. He turns you to back into the couch and leans into you enough so there’s nothing for you to do but sit down. With his dick in your face again, you are content to suck him some more, making sure to look up at him as you work his penis back and forth in your mouth.

After a minute, Nick backs up. You wonder if he’s getting close to getting off, or just changing things up a bit. You swat at his dick a few times, payback for it hitting your face, you guess. He drops to his knees on the blanket right between your legs and caresses your thighs.

“Wow, it is comfortable down here. Now let’s get you naked,” he suggests, tugging at your pants, which come off in a jiffy as you raise your butt up. Next, your socks, which get thrown aside with the pants. As you suspected earlier, even though you’re wearing plain cotton panties that are anything but sexy, Nick doesn’t seem to care, smiling big at you while he grabs the sides and tugs on them, As your butt lifts up again, they slide over your hips and down your thighs. Bending your knees, you hold your legs together as he pulls them off completely and flings them aside. When your feet settle, they are on either side of him again, and his hands gently apply pressure to the inside of your knees, parting them fully. You are now completely naked and spread open, and suddenly feel very vulnerable and very excited, your new handsome lover’s bare body nestled inches away from your exposed most sensitive and private parts.