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(A Man Has Needs, continued...)

Of course, Nick doesn’t dive right in. While gently gliding his hands over your thighs and tummy, he kisses inside your knees and up toward your center. His mouth gets teasingly close to your pussy, and then switches to your other leg; it’s almost frustrating — almost. More like tantalizing, erotically sexy. You can see him examining your pussy, as your legs are open enough to give him the perfect view, and he even puts pressure outward on your knees to keep you that way. His fingers and lips and tongue make you squirm and giggle as they tickle from time to time. After kissing your tummy at the navel and making his way down, the moment finally arrives: he plants a wet kiss right on your labia, holding it there firmly for a few seconds. Then another kiss like it, then another.

You moan deeply, not so much from the pleasure (it does feel good, but that’s not quite the spot, yet), but to give him positive feedback. Either it works, or he was going to do it anyway, but he lingers there for a while, First with just his lips, but soon enough with open mouth and tongue, like he’s French-kissing you down there. You moan again, this time more from the pleasure.

You are almost shocked when he backs off slightly, caresses your thighs, and uses his thumbs to open your labia to expose the inside. Your hips and legs twitch and tense up as he looks into your eyes and smiles. His tongue works inside deeply, probing your vaginal opening while he holds your lips apart. He either knows what he’s doing (from past experience? from studying hardcore porn?) or he’s lucky, or naturally talented or something, because he is steadily increasing the pleasure to all your parts from fourchette to clitoris. Arms above your head, eyes closed, you purr, “Ooohhh, Nick, that’s amaaaaaaazing.”

He could probably give you an orgasm if he stayed down there long enough. Which will have to wait for another time, as he leaves his work down there unfinished, kissing up your body. Looking into your eyes, he uses his magic tongue and lips to work over the undersides of your breasts before attending to the peaks of your nipples. He caresses your tummy again with one hand, and the insides of your thighs, even wiping the back of his hand lightly over your pussy, all the while savoring your titties with his mouth. They get pretty wet, and the coolness of the air (turning damn cold when he actually blows on them periodically) stiffens them even more. Wow, this feels wonderful, and Nick looking into your eyes drives you wild. Assuming Bridget gets some of this, how could she not want to just fuck his brains out in all sorts of crazy ways after this? Is she not human?

Speaking of fucking his brains out, you tell him at next eye contact, “I really need you inside of me.” He smiles and disconnects his face from your tits, gliding his hands (and his eyes) all over your body. You reach for the condom, but can’t get to it because the table is too far away. He has to get to his feet momentarily, but is able to grab it and return to his position between your legs.

Upright as much as he can be on his knees in front of you, he plops the condom on your chest between your boobs, smiling. “Looking for this?”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” you reply with a laugh. Tearing the package open, you notice, interestingly, that he’s not completely hard any longer. It doesn’t take long to fix that — when you begin to run your fingers along the shaft and around the head, his penis responds by twitching, and grows quickly as you wrap your hand around it and pull on it. He leans back, bracing himself with his hands on the floor behind him, chest up and out. After you are satisfied with the stiffness of his cock, you place the condom on the tip, hold it there with one hand, and roll it down to his scrotum, leaving the little loose pocket at the end. “There,” you give it a pat. “All set!”

Nick pulls you forward a bit so that you’re right at the edge of the couch, and on his knees in front of you he’s at just the right height. Not touching his penis, but just holding and caressing your legs, he guides the tip up to your pussy, pushing against it lightly while you lean back halfway and watch. Because his erection points his dick way more up than out, it’s pushing against the top, over your clitoris, which is a nice sensation, but not quite where you want it. So you push down on the shaft to lower it to horizontal, and with an additional push, you feel your labia open up to receive his glans, which pushes in farther to burrow into your vagina.

You smile at each other as he pauses halfway in for a few seconds. After withdrawing almost all the way out, his penis pushes back in halfway again, then again, then again. With a few more stokes, he’s deeper, and with a few more, he’s almost all the way in. Then he withdraws his penis all the way out, and holds it horizontal as he inserts it again. You watch as he probes a few times, loving the sight and the sensation of your vagina and labia closing up as he pulls his dick out, then filling back up again as his he pushes it back into you halfway or more, but teasingly not all the way.

Suddenly, you let out an “Uuunnnhhh” as Nick collapses all the way into you all at once, bending toward you, completely filling your vagina with his penis as far up as it can go, till his pelvis crushes against yours. Another deep thrust makes you blurt out, “ooohhh, fuck!” No longer probing sensually, he is now giving you a proper fucking, deeply and passionately, exaggerated thrusts pushing your hips back into the couch. You watch as he pulls out most of the way to show you some shaft, then plunges back in, doing this a few times. He holds one of your ankles with one hand to keep your legs spread wide, and one of your tits with the other hand. Your free leg jiggles over his hip, and your free tit jiggles up and down on your chest. One of your hands glides up to your free breast, and the other down to where the action is, fingering your clitoris to give it the kind of stimulation your vagina is receiving.