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(A Man Has Needs, continued...)

After fucking like this for a minute, Nick slows down and the pulls out. Both of you are breathing deeply, and smile at each other while he leans against you for another round of passionate kisses. “Turn over,” he says, grabbing your shoulder and raising it inward.

You comply with an excited “Ooooooh,” flipping over to face the couch, adjusting the blanket under your knees and resting on your elbows. He kisses the small of your back, then your butt cheeks, then licks and kisses up to your neck, pushing your hair up over your head. You feel the length of his penis rubbing lightly up and down between your buttocks and his fingers rubbing gently up and down your shoulders. Then, nothing for a few seconds. Then the tip of his penis arrives at your waiting wet slit, rubbing back and forth on it before slipping inside.

You feel your vagina quickly filling as Nick penetrates you with one long stroke, causing you to gasp. It takes a couple more full insertions to make sure everything is comfortable, and then he starts fucking harder and faster, the entire length of his penis fitting up inside you as he grabs your hips to pull them back firmly. You spread your legs wider and pump your pelvis up and down to break up his thrusts, just for fun. He roughly grabs around you for a tit, alternately pinching the nipple and grabbing a handful while continuing to give it to you hard from behind.

Eventually, he slows down and releases you, apparently leaning back. You enjoy the new sensation of gentle touches and slow penetration, relaxing and curling your arms under your head, closing your eyes with your face toward the side. The only thing you feel now is his penis — no hands, no grabbing, not even his thighs against the back of your legs. You stay still as you feel your vagina open and close around the only piece of him still left in contact as he inserts and removes it time and time again. Then, you feel his chest press against your back and his lips against your cheek. Moving a hand to his hip, you turn your face back toward him and lock lips with him, kissing passionately with plenty of tongue as he continues to slowly fuck you.

Nick increases his thrusting, trying unsuccessfully to keep your lips together. He reaches around to hold your tits again, first one, then the other, then both, pinching the nipples as you hear him begin to grunt. “Uh-uhhh,” he moans deeply, “Mm, mm, mm.” Face in your neck now, he whispers, “Oh, that’s good, you feel so good.”

You reach toward your sex without even thinking. Diddling yourself while making sure to nudge his cock, you tell him, “Oh, yes, that’s good, oh wo-o-o-ww.” He lets go of your boobs and finds your wrists, stopping the action while he readjusts. With your arms being held out wide beside you, you face plant into the couch, feeling his weight pinning your shoulders. He starts fucking you at least as hard as before, almost trembling as he lifts your hips up with each thrust. He lets go of your wrists and pushes on your back with one hand to keep you down.

“Mmmm, smack my ass,” you say. Oops, damn it, you weren’t going to ask him to do anything, but rather let him call the shots. But you are just so into this and feeling so naughty that it just kind of came out.

Nick snickers, “Oh yeah?” And you feel his hand come down on you, a swat more than a smack.

“Smack it!” you say firmly. A couple more swats, maybe a little harder. “No, smack it!” He smacks you a good one, hard this time.

“Ow!” You cry out.

“Whaa? Sorry…”

“No, good, do it again, smack me hard again.”


“Ooo, yes.”


“Ohh, fuck.”


“Yes, smack my ass while you fuck me, yes!”

You realize that he’s stopped thrusting his dick into you while he was distracted, and he must realize it too, so he starts up again, doing you from behind while intermittently giving your ass some firm smacks, some of them quite loud. You feel the back of your head tighten up suddenly as it snaps back firmly, not enough to hurt but enough to give you a shock. Wow, he’s pulling your hair! The multiple contrasting sensations of the tugging on your hair, the sharp stings of the spanks, and the wet sliding between your legs, all as he’s “oh”-ing and “ah”-ing and grunting along with you, are driving you wild.

When Nick pulls out after a minute, you turn around and sit on the floor next to him, breathing harder than you were at the last break. You sneak a peek at his dick. Nope, the condom isn’t full. You were wondering if he might have finished, but, nope, there’s still more to come. You wait to see what he wants next.