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(A Man Has Needs, continued...)

Nick can’t keep his hands off you, squeezing your breasts a few times before leaning in to kiss you. “Wow,” he says. “This is… you are… wowwww, this is… wow.”

“I know, right?”

He sits on the couch, sinking back into the back cushion, and beckons you with his finger… toward your upper body, not ‘down there’, so you climb up onto him and straddle him. He’s actually not completely hard again, the condom loosely covering his semi-erection. You kind of like it because it makes you feel like you’re taking it out of him, and you get to play with him to get him ready for another go. You throw your arms around his neck for some more making out, feeling his hands glide up and down the naked skin of your back from neck to buttocks. You crush your body into his, feeling the warm strength of his chest and shoulders above, and the stimulation of your naughty parts as you grind yours against his. Sensing his boner is growing again after a minute, you back off and admire him from the dick up, giving him a view of your nakedness on top of him. You hold the tip of his cock with the fingers of one hand and adjust the condom with the other, making sure it’s pulled down snugly to his scrotum. Playfully batting it back and forth, you make sure it’s as hard as it’s going to get.

You slide back toward his knees to separate, then point his penis down, your eager slit accepting the tip. You adjust your hips and push forward, and after a couple tries, you feel it slip inside. You tip-fuck him gently for a minute, smiling at his face, which isn’t looking at yours, but rather the action down there. You give him a show by splitting your labia open with two fingers so that he can see your clit and the surrounding pinkness.

“You feel so good… this is sooo good,” he tells you, gently cupping your breasts as you finger your clit.

You feel like you’re getting close to climax, your sensitive clitoris telling you that she’s had plenty of stimulation from the lips and tongue and pelvis and fingering and grinding. Fuck it, you’re just going to get yourself off. He’ll cum soon enough, or hold off if he wants to. If he can. You lean forward and raise yourself slightly, and then sink all the way down, impaling yourself on his stiff cock, engulfing it completely all in one motion. With him buried all the way inside, you begin to rock with small but increasing movements, feeling his dick squish back and forth inside of you as you try to find just the right position and rhythm. Before you know it, you’re fucking him hard, grinding your clitoris against the base of his cock the best you can.

He playfully smacks one of your titties, lightly. Then, after another smack, he studies your face, as if to get your permission to smack harder. Wow, is he really thinking you want your titties smacked like you wanted your ass smacked? He grabs your boobs straight from the front with just his fingers, pulling on them and holding them up high. He looks at you for permission again as he smacks the other breast.

“Yes,” you say. So he smacks harder. Umm, did you say that out loud? What the fuck, his dick feels so good and your clit is getting it in just the right place, so why not crank up the heat a bit? “Yssss,” you tell his hands. “Smack my titties while I fuck you!”

Nick slaps you just hard enough to be naughty, and sporadically, not too much, as you grind your clit on him. Oh, this is it — you’re there! If you just… keep… this… going…. “Uh-huh, mmmmm,” you moan, letting loose and wildly crushing your pelvis into his. You begin to grunt with each thrust, collapsing onto his chest, arms around his neck so that your breasts are rubbing up and down on him. A.. few… more… thrusts… and… you’re… going… to….

Smack! His open palm comes down on your ass, and the sting pushes you to your climax. “Mmmm, Nick… ohhhooo, yessss…” You convulse and shudder and gasp with a huge orgasm as he spanks your butt two or three more times. Crying out in ecstasy, softly but plenty audibly, you finish yourself off, rubbing your crotch against his with the biggest strokes you can without risking him popping out of you. You settle into a rhythm of controlled, small gyrations as you breathe erratically into his neck for a while.

You must have stopped him as he was going at it hard, because he’s still trying to move his hips back and forth under you. You are leaning half-sideways against him, one arm behind him, beginning to kiss his neck and shoulder messily, kneading his bicep and lat muscles, feeling his strength and giggling to yourself that you are keeping him down. With a hand on his chest, you raise up a bit to take the weight off him, giving him the room he needs to continue his thrusting. He pierces you from below, jamming his penis all the way up into you and withdrawing quickly. You kneel upright, again giving him full access you your front, which he takes as permission to handle your breasts some more. You bounce fully on his lap, sliding all the way up and down his shaft.

“I’m not going to… be able to stop…” he says. You don’t care if he can’t stop. You don’t want him to. So, you fuck harder and faster. He grabs one of the titties that’s mesmerizing him with one hand, and squeezes your ass with the other. As you continue to ride him, you can tell by his face that he’s just letting himself go. “Uhhh,” he grunts. “Uhh-hhhhuh! Oooohhhh…” You lock eyes with his, smiling to encourage him.

Nick stops his in-and-out motions and just keeps his dick up inside you at the top of one of his thrusts, holding his breath. “Oooohhhh,” he cries out. “Uuuhhh..” He drops his pelvis and quickly jabs back up into you, still looking at your eyes, holding for a few seconds, letting out a long slow moaning breath as he does it again. And then again. His pulsing subsides, and you feel the tenseness that’s been stored up inside of him flow out as his muscles begin to relax. “Oh, wowww… ohhhh…” You settle down in his lap and lay your head on his shoulder, breathing into his neck while you feel his heavy breathing slowly fade. The two of you stay together like that, motionless, his spent but still rigid penis still lodged fully up inside your vagina.