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(A Man Has Needs, continued...)

After sitting like that for a while, you begin to kiss Nick’s neck, and he softly caresses all over your skin. You face each other and can’t resist another make-out session, deeply exploring each other’s mouths. Finally you decide to separate, looking down at his soft penis, delighted to see that the loosely-fitting condom is filled with a healthy gob of semen. “Looks like you made a mess in there,” you say, pointing. “Don’t move, be right back.”

You bounce into the kitchen, grab a few paper towels and wet them slightly, then return to your lover. After wiping yourself between your legs just to make sure your juices aren’t going anywhere, you kneel in front of him. Placing a couple paper towels under his balls, you pull the condom off carefully, making sure to squish all the contents inside. You wipe off his scrotum and shaft and glans so that his semen doesn’t drip onto your couch. You tie up the condom, leaving the warm liquidy goo inside, holding it up for you both to examine, pinching and squishing it around, making you giggle.

“What?” Nick asks. You sense he’s nervous or embarrassed or something.

“Oh, nothing, it’s just… I think it’s so hot that you did this inside of me, that’s all.”

You place his used condom on the table with the rest of his stuff, and Nick wipes himself some more, then wipes you some more as you return to him. You sit sideways against him on the couch, legs draped over his, as you talk for a while, some about what just happened, some about other stuff. You talk about what other things he might want to do sexually, you know, just out of curiosity, of course. “Um, I have a list,” he tells you. You look at him quizzically. “That’s not weird, is it?”

“A little. But weird is good. I like a man who knows what he wants.”

“I’ll share it with you some time. As for tonight… I told you I thought you’d be tons of fun,” he tells you, and you smile. “I was right! That was… really… amazing. Thank you.”

“And thank you. Seriously, I’ve wanted to do you for a while.”

As you continue to talk, you get to the topic about what the future might hold. “Just so we agree on stuff…” he starts. You agree on some ground rules. No emotional attachments are expected; you won’t expect each other to continue (but would like to), and won’t get hurt if the other cuts things off. You appreciate that he trusts you enough to know that you’re not going to be a psycho bitch and ruin his life if things go sideways. Being discreet is top priority above passion or silliness; therefore, no quickies at parties or videos or anything.

“Speaking of,” he continues. “I’ve thought of a way to communicate, um, discreetly.”

“Oh?” You’re curious.

“I have a special email address that no one knows about, that I use for logins to stuff that I want to be super secret. I know it’s not as instant as texting, but we could communicate through email”

“Ooooh, that’s pretty sneaky. You seem to have thought this through.”

“Yeah… I just wouldn’t want to risk forgetting to delete texts, or emptying deleted messages, same with phone call logs, just in case Bridget happened upon stuff in one of our phones or computers.”

“Ooooh, like we’re secret agents. How do I get your classified email address? Do you write it down and I memorize it, then eat the paper? You know, burning it leaves ashes.”

He laughs. “I like the way you think. We could do it now, and you don’t have to eat anything.”

You agree, and you head toward your computer. He stops along the way to put on his boxers, and you leave your clothes where they are so that you can get some much sexier panties. Digging through the drawer in your bedroom, you find the right ones, and then find a cute skimpy little top, which doesn’t match, but who is going to care?

Nick helps you set up a secret email address with one of those free email services, nothing fancy. Of course, in a special new browser window that doesn’t leave cookies or history. He guides you to send him a test, then he logs on to his email and there it is!

“So now, we can communicate… it might be slow, but we can plan stuff if we want to.”

“Hmmm,” you say. “So if I’m home by myself, I shouldn’t email you saying I’m horny and need to be fucked right now, and expect you to show up in ten minutes?”

“Ha ha. No, I don’t think it would work that way.”

“But if I email you saying I have the day off work one day next month, and would like a nooner, we could maybe plan to do that?”

“I think you’re getting the idea.”

It’s not late, but it is time for Nick to leave. He wants to be home soon because he knows Bridget will be calling or texting some time, and you both agree this isn’t the time to push your luck. He puts on his wrinkled shirt, which you laugh at, and the rest of his clothes. He is sooo discreet that he even figures out what to do about the slow cooker. Since there’s a possibility that his girlfriend would be suspicious if he returned it alone with you, he’ll take it back with him again.

Just as he’s leaving, he holds you close. “So, not to presume anything, but, I’d like to see you again.”

“Is tomorrow too soon?” you ask, almost before he finishes.

“Oh, um… let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.” You think he’s being silly, but he really doesn’t immediately say his schedule is clear like you thought he would. “How about… I email you later?”

You kiss each other bye, and you let him out. He takes the condom with him, wrapped up in a paper towel to dispose of discreetly.

“Wow, I just totally fucked Nick,” you tell yourself out loud. You go back to watching your show, but can’t really get into it because you keep playing your sexual encounter over again in your mind.

Finally it’s time for bed… past time. You are really sleepy as you crawl into bed, thinking maybe you’re extra tired from the, um, workout earlier. You are just curious enough about the email thing, and decide to look just in case, not expecting anything. But there is a new one waiting for you, so you open it eagerly. Nick wrote something sweet about tonight’s tryst, and is pleased to announce that his schedule is free for tomorrow night, so he would like to see you. He also includes the list he talked about, prefacing it by saying that he doesn’t expect you to want to do everything on here, with him or otherwise, and it’s just to give you an idea, not a plan of action or anything.

Up at the top he’s crossed out a few things (like he’s just getting started on a sexual bucket list), causing you to replay in your mind the escapades of earlier tonight. As you read through the list, you giggle at some and gasp at others. There are some things here that you don’t think you could ever do, not even with Nick. Some might require a measure of alcohol. You’re going to have to look up a couple since you don’t know what they even mean, and it looks like if you do progress, he’s going to be teaching you some things! Various outdoor and public scenarios; a variety of positions described; threesomes; moresomes; toys and other ‘aids’; food with various degrees of messiness; restraint; role playing; voyeurism. You can think of some things that are curiously absent — you wonder if those aren’t interesting to him or if he just missed them.

You finish reading, log off, and jump back in bed. As you lie there on your back, your mind adds some details to a couple of dirty activities that got your attention toward the top of Nick’s list. You push the sheets off of you and bunch them around your feet. Lowering your panties to your thighs and pushing your top up over your titties, you beginning to masturbate while fantasizing about what might be crossed off the list after tomorrow night. But there will still be plenty left undone. If Bridget doesn’t get her shit together, you’ll be fucking her boyfriend for years!

The End